Largely Ignored Sword Press

We’re always a touch perplexed when We search the Italian (and Spanish) press for HEMA/WMA related items – they’re few and far between, notwithstanding what appears to be very active swordplay communities there.  And given that most of our Renaissance techniques and studies centre on the fight books of those two nations, it’s inexplicable why historical swordplay events over there do not seem to get the same coverage as events in Russia and the Ukraine, or even here in the ‘continental west’.

Variations of a Theme.

ANCONA TODAY (Italy) 01 October 13   Ostra: nuovi corsi di scherma medievale e rinascimentale

The Società d’Arme dell’Aquila was looking for a few good men … and women, to take introductory classes in the art of Renaissance swordplay.  The society fights, studies and demonstrates a variety of Middle Age and Renaissance fighting techniques, including those of Fiore dei Liberi and Filippo Vadi.


ABRUZZOWEB (L’Aquila, Italy) 01 October 13  L’aquila: La Marozzo Da’ Il Via Ai Corsi Di Scherma Storica

And if dei Liberi is not your style, you can head over to Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo.  Their instructors are apparently sanctioned by the Italian Fencing Federation and have been giving instruction in historical swordplay for 15 years – in thirty different locations.

TRIBUNALE DI TARANTO (Italy) 21 September 13  ORIA – Scherma Storica: un corso tra sport e antiche culture

But wait!  There’s more!

Maestro Lana Delli Santis’ staff within the Accademia di Scherma Federico II, are also accredited by the same national fencing federation.  And when they’re not on the salle floor, they’re involved in serious study of the historical, literary, philosophical and experimental techniques of European armed and unarmed combat – starting from the year 900 and up.

The academy also has a stage combat program to support both stage and screen requirements.

Back to Basics – basic Basics!

KEVN (Rapid City, S Dakota) 12 October 13  Archery comes to the forefront of Black Hills Pow Wow (Darren Leeds)

The Lakota Archery Club is hosted the Wahinkpe Topa Archery, featuring the state of the art as it was ‘years ago’.  Once again, the practice of arms – be it sword or arrow, are used to remind communities of their unique heritages, and to “get in touch with some of those old things that we had years ago and that we’re finally starting to bring back and enjoy.”

Briefly Back to Basics

TUTTOGGI (Spoleto, Italy) 14 October 13  Trevi Capitale Del Tiro Con L’arco, Grandi Campioni Da Tutta Italia

And over the same weekend, some of Italy’s best ‘medieval archers’ met in Trevi for the 7th ‘National League Championship’.  Unfortunately, that’s all We get!

More than One Path to Riches!

DER SPIEGEL (Germany) 10 October 13  Säbel, Schwerter, Dolche – Messer für die Mächtigen (Kevin Schrein)

So, you have not quite achieved your ‘dream career’ of running a HEMA/WMA Salle in a modest-sized city; and enjoying the civic prestige, professional accolades and very comfortable lifestyle that is the due of the modern ‘master at arms’.

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