Leaning into High Tech Sword Press

As a community We try to remain as true to form in recreating ‘authentic’ swordplay as our understanding of medieval and renaissance fight-books will allow us.

Modern technology has resulted in us being able to have access to functional (and affordable) armour and weaponry that allows us to practice techniques with the same ‘heft, feel and encumbrance’ that our European ancestors fought with.

Now, if a new initiative towards ‘sensitive’ armour takes off, we’ll have the capability to fully train by truly ‘leaning into each other’ with period-authentic weapons wielded with authentic technique hitting authentic armour – without having to stop and staunch authentic wounds and dismemberments.


Nyah, nayh – You missed me!

Did not!!

DAILY MAIL (London, UK) 26 February 14  The high-tech armour set to revolutionise martial arts (Donna Sawyer)

The company Chiron Global is developing a body armour with built-in sensors that can measure the damage that a weapon strike would inflict to the unprotected body.

Unified Weapons Master is a high-tech ‘body-armour’ system designed to allow weapons-based martial artists to engage in ‘full contact’ bouts; all the while protecting the practitioners while allowing an independent, verifiable record of effective hits to be kept.

We’re intrigued by this system, and would like to see trialed for both light (i.e. unarmoured fighters such as most rapier users) and heavy(i.e. fully armoured) swordplay enthusiasts – presumable the recording machine can be ‘dialed up’ in such a way to require a heavier strike for the latter fighters before being counted as a ‘killing blow’.

A representative says the armour isn't for sale yet.

Maybe We can win a set through a challenging Chiron Global with a 'tournament' combat?

What are the Russian words for “nyah, nayh – You missed me”?

ГТРК ВЛАДИМИР (Moscow, Russia) 05 February 14  Средневековый рыцарский бой не в виртуале, а в реале

We’re offered here a short article and supporting news video on the historical reconstruction salle “Rudel”, who under the tender guidance of Ilya Shlyaev,  specialize in 16th Century German, fully-armoured,  longsword combat.  Some of the 40 members of the eight-year-old Rudel group can be found mentioned in press items from years previous as conducting some swordplay demonstrations for their city’s citizens and some are currently training to fight in a major Moscow competition later this year

Looking at the video here, We get the impression that the fore-mentioned ‘Unified Weapons Master’ would be tailor made for this sort of competition … if it could stand up to the blows.

And in a different weight class …

EXPRESS NEWS (San Antonio, Texas) 21 February 14  Archery fans of all ages take to horses for exciting adventure (Vincent T. Davis)

In the four years since their formation, the 25 students of ‘A Company Mounted Archery’ have been practicing, competing and demonstrating the strongly resurgent martial art of mounted archery to an appreciative Texan community.

Founder and instructor Trey Schlichting has noticed an increased interest in this unique skill set, and considers it attributable to movies such as ‘Brave’ and ‘Hunger Games’.  Attendance at his school might actually be higher, but appears to be limited in that a lot of locals “… don't even know (mounted archery) exists."”

It’s a small world after all.

ANTENA 3 (Madrid, Spain) 27 February 14  Las artes marciales medievales, una nueva modalidad deportiva para revivir la época (Yilsed Machado)

We love the internet.  Where else can English-speaking people find Spanish language press items on Japanese initiatives to conduct medieval German HEMA/WMA duels?

The Violent, Geeky World of Medieval Combat.  Methinks them be fighting words!

BUZZFEED (New York, New York) 28 February 14  Inside The Violent, Geeky World Of Hardcore International Medieval Combat (Tim Chester)

Photograph by Conor McDonnell for BuzzFeedBattle Heritage GB prepares to compete for the privilege of representing the UK in the upcoming Battle of the Nations.

Much training and hitting … lots of hitting, ensues.

This is probably one of the most complete items about what it is actually like to prepare for and compete in this event that We’ve seen to date.

(Photograph by Conor McDonnell for BuzzFeed)

Spaniards preparing to fight Englishmen … What are the Chances, eh?

EL ECONOMISTA (Madrid, Spain) 21 February 14  España desenvaina: la hora de los combates medievales

And our Spanish peers are doing their own training for the same Battle of the Nations event and selecting their team with their first national trial later in May.



- Germans using swordplay to prevent violence on the schoolground!

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