New Initiatives and Continuing Legacies – Sword Press from Around the World

This week, we concentrate on swords (and sword masters) in modern times – and from area that we do not uaually consider to be WMA or sword centres of activity!

A New Initiative Under Down-Under

SOUTHLAND TIMES (Invercargill, New Zealand) 13 January 12 Knight likes his swords (Alex Fensome)
Members of Medius Auvum Comitatus, a medieval swordfighting club in New Zealand, are exercising WMA by training using (replica) “original treatises’ reflecting knightly combat in Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries.
“Member Zane Knight made the swords the group uses himself, using a steel bar reduced and shaped by a sander. The process can take up to 60 hours. The group has two-handed greatswords as well as single-handed swords”. Apparently New Zealand is a hotbed of things medieval, and they have an annual tournament in Taupo in which they meet to fence and joust. Kiwis, swords and ‘haka attitude’ … add ‘beer’ and I’ll be there.

A bad mans’ Sword looking for a good owner.

NASHUA TELEGRAPH (New Hampshire) 06 January 12 Saddam Hussein sword to be auctioned off locally (Maryalice Gill)
The ornate presentation sword owned by Saddam Hussein was the centerpiece of a recent auction.
The sword; 43 inches in overall length with a 37-inch straight, single edged blade, was taken from Hussein’s Baghdad office by U.S. military after the city fell in 2003, Photo at URL below.

Sword of Honour

RIPON GAZETTE (UK) 01 January 12 Sword of honour awarded Sometimes military honours recognise traditionally non-military themes. Flight Sergeant Dean Bradley at RAF Leeming has been honoured with the Wing Commander Bye sword for the huge contribution he has made towards community life on the station.
Flt Sgt Bradley is a member of the Bedale Community Parish Council, and uses this role to improve links between his Air Force base and the wider civilian community to mutual benefit.

More on Bob Anderson

THE GUARDIAN (London, UK) 02 January 12 Bob Anderson, sword-fighting master – a life in clips
I have no idea how I missed this one for the past fortnight, but the link leads you to a small collection of Bob Anderson-related “swashbuckling scenes”:

And the legacy continues

MOSMAN-DAILY (Australia) 11 January 12 Bard put to the sword (Kate Crawford)
MacBeth was featured on Friday the 13th – and part of the draw was the promise of ‘spectacular action’ as actor and combat director Kyle Rowling and his broadsword took the stage as the title role. (Rowling was one of the combat directors for the Star Wars movies filmed in Australia).