Past, Present and Future (?) Sword Press

Nicci looked up at Kahlan . “Knives are not my talent.”

“It’s not hard,” Kahlan said as she pressed the handle into Nicci’s hand. “When the time is right, just stick the pointed end somewhere important in someone you really don’t like.”

Quotes from the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, courtesy of Wikiquote.

For every time, a sword. Wes

Using Swords (and Sticks) of the Past

STATE JOURNAL-REGISTER (Springfield, Illinois) 17 February 12  Medieval combat team training in Springfield this weekend

KIFI (Idaho Falls, Idaho) 25 February 12  Local Knights Headed To Battle Of Nations (Jake Taylor)

Team USA ( continue their training and fund-raising demonstrations as they prepare for their debut in next month’s Battle of Nations ( in Khotyn, Ukraine.

Our Understatement of the Week comes from participant Adam “Teddy” Wells-Grube:  “… the swinging weapons at my friends heads is definitely fun …”.…

DAILY NEWS-RECORD (Harrisonburg, Virginia) 16 February 12  A lesson in sword fighting

A European sword-fighting course – as an elective for credit!  Sweet!  But where the heck was that option when I was going through?

Bridgewater College Biology professor Gavin Lawson is teaching his third semester of two classes-a-week, 16th century WMA theory and practice.

“Everybody’s a scholar and everybody’s a student at the same time,” Lawson said.

CLITHEROE ADVERTISER (UK) 21 February 12  Sword sticks to be auctioned at Clitheroe

Alas, David McCormick’s Bartitsu instruction “Cane lesson: Reverse grip”; has passed, as has this period-related auction event featuring fifty lots of sword sticks, walking canes and sticks.

But … for next time, perhaps you can arrive for class equipped with the (then) cutting edge fashion accessory for the Victorian gentleman: the gilt, pearl and diamond highlighted walking cane!

Of note: Thrust and block movements using the advertised ‘parrot head’ sword-stick are in no way related to the fore-mentioned (in another posting) ‘chicken head’ movement.…

Swords as Current Symbols

CHANNEL NEWS ASIA (Singapore) February 12  Oscar: the man with the golden sword

“Nominated in the ‘Swords as Symbols of Excellence Category’ – the Oscar”.

The original ‘Oscar’ statuette was created in 1929 and was sculpted as a knight standing on a reel of film gripping a crusader’s sword.

The Future of Swords?

SFIST (San Francisco, California) 15 February 12  Discover Your Force At Lightsaber Training School

As a WMA/HEMA community we’re lucky in these modern times to have access to medieval/renaissance documentation about how our business was done in the past.

But have you ever wondered what future practitioners three hundred years in the future will think of our ‘current’ state of the art when they dig up our antiquated computer files?