[Photo] Knight Camp is coming!

Yesterday saw the long-anticipated arrival of 30 new synthetic sparring swords. We're bringing them in to replace the foam-and-wood simulators we've been using in the youth program, both Knight Camp and the ongoing youth classes. The pommels can be swapped, making either longswords or arming swords, so we can have up to 30 of one or the other at any given time.

Seen here with a few of our youth students, who spent the first few minutes of Open Floor assembling their new weapons.


Devon Boorman is the Co-Founder and Director of Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay, which has been active in Vancouver, Canada since 2004. Devon’s expertise centres on the Italian swordplay tradition including the arts of the Renaissance Italian rapier, sidesword, and longsword, as well as knife and unarmed techniques.
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