Possibly Out-of-Control Sword Press

An eclectic mix this week, including a couple of hits from long-absent France.Wes

Not Your Daddy’s Fencing Match

EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE (Mesa, Arizona) 27 April 12  EV men test their mettle – and their metal – at 'Battle of Nations' (Mike Sakal)

A last look by one newspaper at some of the American competitors going to Poland for this week’s Battle of the Nations.

The author is quite correct about the ‘anything goes’ attitude prevalent in this international melee – notwithstanding the list of ‘safety and conduct rules’ disseminated by the organizers.  Try searching “Battle of the Nations” on YouTube.

Playing into WMA Hands

LONDON EVENING STANDARD (UK) 02 April 12  Sword play - From The Hunger Games to Wrath of the Titans, and Game of Thrones, fantasy,  sword and violence epics are big business.

This item contains a short exploration of the effect of some recent movies and fiction books on the WMA and specialised fitness-program communities.

“There’s a growing interest in European swordplay,” says Nigel Plum, head instructor of the London Sword and Dagger Club. “There are twice as many clubs as there were 10 years ago.”

The Best of Both Worlds

LITHGOW MERCURY (Australia) 19 April 12  Lithgow's first horseback archery tournament

Hmmm, I haven’t mentioned bow nor horse-based martial arts this week – let’s try this instead …

As if mastering archery or riding was not hard enough, now we have a group from ‘down under’ going head-to-head with some of Japan and Korea’s best horse-archers during the Aussie ‘Iron Fest’ celebrations.

Of note, like other WMA/HEMA specialities, there is a revival of interest in the art of Yabusami – so much so that there are apparently four new tournaments being added to the international horse-archer ‘tour’ every year!

Doing Business Old … Very Old … School

LE DAUPHINE LIBERE (Grenoble, France) 07 April 12  Le tir à l'arc doublé d'une leçon d'histoire

Notwithstanding the North American rush to modern archery, in France, they still do some things with their traditional (and historically accurate) élan!

Enjoying the Fight

OUEST-FRANCE (France) 04 April 12  Armé d'humour, Steve le chevalier part au combat (Béatrice Limon)

In France, one Steve de Romanet offers a slightly tongue-in-cheek explanation about the attraction of the Middle Ages – and the combat practiced at the time – for him.

While not WMA specific, methinks a lot of us can identify with some of his reasons for undertaking serious study of the period and why he sponsors an annual, chivalry-themed tournament.

de Romanet does bring up one point reflective of just how far WMA/HEMA interests have flourished:  His armour is imported from Australia; his helmet from Germany; and his sword from Great Britain.

Oh yes, the quote of the week: “We fight for the honour of women, it’s the only valid reason (to fight).”

I’ll let my Sword do my Talking

SPOKESMAN-REVIEW (Spokane, Washington) 24 April 12  A Word A Day — foible

And now – from our ‘Culture Corner’:  Your sword-inspired word of the day – foible.