Potential Joan of Arc-related Sword Press from Around the World

This being the 600th anniversary of the birth of Joan of Arc, We thought We would offer up a selection of press items detailing either the weapons and armour used by the heroine, or her influence on modern, kick-butt-attitude women being motivated to get into armour.  Unfortunately, there does seem to be any ‘news’, though the Net is awash with descriptions of various observances within France about the life and times of the sword-swinging Saint. (http://www.viafrance.com/evenements/jeanne-d-arc-exposition-orleans-758348.aspx) (http://articles.latimes.com/2012/jan/07/world/la-fg-joan-arc-20120107)

We now return you to your normal programming …

Sword of Yore …

DAILY MAIL (London, UK) 29 January 12  Nelson’s £1million sword is discovered at the bottom of the Med (Rick Dewsbury)

Diver Mark Ellyatt says that he has discovered British Admiral Lord Nelson’s sword in the ruins of a warship which sank off the coast of Lebanon in 1893.

Collectors could pay up to £1m (Cdn $1,575,000) for the artefact – however there are concerns about who would claim ownership of the sword if it is recovered from the sea.  ‘I would like to bring the sword to the surface but I worry that it would be seized by the local authorities. If the items are to be recovered, I would like to see them end up in a museum in the UK.’

Mr Ellyatt said that he has hidden the weapon inside the wreck to protect it from looters.


Swords of Last Week

LONDON COMMUNITY NEWS (Ontario) 27 January 12  Living by the sword (Jonathon Brodie)

While this press piece might read at times as an ad, it does offer some nice observations on the interest that eastern Canadians have for swords – be they collectables or ‘useables’.

“While part of their sales still come from an online component of their business, which results in them shipping swords around the world, Reliks owners Howard and Meiklejohn said there’s nothing like seeing the weapon up close before buying it”.

“A martial artist is more refined on what they want. They’re looking for more of the right sword for the martial art,” Howard said.

The owners said they get an even mix of people who actual use the weapons for martial arts and others who buy them for decoration.


Swords used safely

OAKRIDGER (Oakridge, Tennessee) 23 January 12  Sword fights no fools’ play: Fire captain teaches young actors to swashbuckler (Judy DiGregorio)

Fight choreographer Jason Benjamin is helping with the staging of the swordplay … for the Junior Playhouse offering of ‘Robin Hood’.

Benjamin is a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild, a screenwriter, and a technical advisor for stage and screen.  When asked how he teaches young actors, he said he designs moves according to their abilities. “I sketch out every movement and step they will do and give them a copy of the diagram. I am adamant that kids must pay attention because I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

If you’re using a sword – for sport or acting, get trained and trained by a professional – regardless of your age!  For your protection, the protection of your partner and to protect the audience!


From Russia with … Intent

ВОСТОЧНЫЙ ЭКСПРЕСС / ORIENT EXPRESS (Chelyabinsk, Russia) 27 January 12  У Челябинска появились свои рыцари (Полина Болоховцева)

In a basement of a children’s library in a chilly central Russian city (it is -26° C/-15° F as I type this), the Knights of Chelyabinsk practice 14th Century German ‘historical fencing’.  The group appears to be about 12 years old and apparently has an enviable recond when members travel to western Europe to participate in various “European and World Championships”.