Read Israeli Sword Press … in Russian

We love this job – We read Japanese-language blogs about German sword fighting; Estonian press about a Canadian ‘knight’; and now Israeli sword-press in Russian!  Notwithstanding the problems of the Internet; it has provided significant resources to students and practitioners of the WMA art wherever they are – and more importantly, given us the opportunity for direct and immediate communication with here-to-for unknown peers in our arts.


A gold Sword fit for a ‘gold’ event!


WASHINGTON POST (DC) 07 August 12  Hugo Chavez gives replica of Simon Bolivar’s sword to Venezuelan fencing gold medalist

The President of Venezuela has given a gold-and-diamond replica of Simon Bolivar’s sword to fencer Ruben Limardo for winning a gold medal.

You can see a better view of the replica here: Number 3 in the line-up; or here: Las Espadas Ornamentales de Bolivar.


Twin Swords.


THE STAR (Sheffield, UK) 30 July 12  Twin swords reunited at the Forfeit Feast

Twin ceremonial swords, made as a Millennium commemoration of the links between Sheffield and the City of London, have been displayed together for the first time in over a decade.


Modern Swords in an Ancient Land


ISRA (Tel Aviv, Israel) 08 July 12  Что такое кованая кольчуга и рапира?

The Israeli sword study and re-creation group “The Knights of Jerusalem” (אבירי ירושלים) [KOJ] conducted their annual “Knight Tales” event early last month, with 3,000 spectators coming out to see and learn from the 50-member group.

The KOJ study a variety of ‘classic historical fencing systems based on different philosophies’, each of which they attempt to demonstrate and compete in during their annual tournament.  The KOJ also participate in educational events throughout the country.

Some of the KOJ also compete in the oft-mentioned ‘Battle of Nations’ .  Of note; there is apparently, more than one medieval sword study group in Israel.


Fighting in Frisia for Fame


NORDSEE-ZEITUNG (Germany) 10 August 12  Friesen kämpfen an der Burg Hagen

The fight-group “Friesenring“ are recreating the sword-play kit and techniques of the 13th century fighter of Frisia (Frisian champions depicted on a 13th century church mural) This September, they’re holding a two-day competition in Hagen castle to determine bragging rights for north German swordsmen and archers.

“We want people to know about this time and therefore have an interest of our past. History should not only be a paragraph in a book, but tangible as well”

Aside: I found it interesting that there is no jousting within their event given that the Frisian horse was used by knights in the 12th and 13th century and later inter-bred with Crusaders horses brought from the near east.




NEWS TRIBUNE (Missouri) 04 August 12  The new curling? Archery was hot at London Games (Tim Reynolds)

Archery events in London were an unexpected and massive, popular draw (And in a related story, NBC said archery even topped basketball when shown on its cable channels, averaging 1.5 million viewers).

“… the challenge now becomes keeping these new fans”.


PLAIN DEALER (Cleveland, Ohio) 07 August 12 Man was carrying a sword to protect himself against coyotes

1.  Don’t attract attention to yourself by A. carrying and unsheathed sword in public; or B. compounding your error by trying to throw away said sword when approached by police!

2.  Take a course in Bartitsu … and carry a cane.

3.  Look up ‘coyote’!


MIAMI HERALD (Florida) 08 August 12  I came to see the classiest Olympic competition (Dave Barry)

The ‘true’ “future” origin of competitive, full-contact, ‘airborne’ jousting!