Scarred by Sword Press

Modern scarification, like tattoos, can be seen as examples of various sub-cultures within the ‘mundane world’ using a unique version of badges representing tribal/group identification or indications of shared experiences.  And while most of the world are familiar with the use of scars as identifiers within African and Asian tribal systems, and some are familiar with the same as used by Celtic tribes, it may be a interesting to some to learn that there is a unique ritual of sword-related scarification still practiced today … in ultra-modern, high-tech Germany.

Notwithstanding that ‘mensur’ is a form of historical swordplay calling for demanding blade control and nerves of steel … is it a ‘martial art’?


Still your Daddy’s Fight Club!

BBC (London, UK) 11 September 13  German students fence for honour and discipline (Patrick Jackson)

Nils Hempel continues of long tradition of ‘mensur’ swordplay in Germany, and is one of 3,500 active members of the … umm … art.  His salle, the Corps Marchia Berlin has a long and honoured history of providing Germany with a variety of political and business leaders … and it’s his hope that the tradition of the ‘old boys club of common experience’ will continue long into the future. (With 160 ‘clubs’ fighting on the grounds of 50 universities, methinks they’re on solid ground here)

Mensur combatants share one value with the traditional historical sword fighting salles; they’re in it for the ‘community and the sense of belonging.’

“Some people regard honour as an old-fashioned term”.



Modern Sword in Modern Times

An Honoured Blade handled with Honour.

A laser engraved ‘Schmiss’?