Scottish Dominated Sword Press

The Clans are restive of late … time to back up (slowly) into the Tower and break out the long bows … this could be messy!While Scottish-related WMA/HEMA are not widely studied here in North America, methinks nobody can argue with the place blades have in Scottish culture and history.


Swords and the Law – and probably %$#@!! English-Law at That!


THE TELEGRAPH (London, UK) 23 June 12  Scots disarmed for Bannockburn parade (Auslan Cramb)

DAILY RECORD (UK) 23 June 12  .Bannockburn campaigner rages over weapons ban for Robert the Bruce procession  (Janice Burns)

Every year the Academie Duello is invited to participate in a variety of community festivals and parades.  During these events, experienced staff and students demonstrate traditional sword-play with a variety of weapons in a public venue –…. often while on the move through the length of a city’s downtown – all while sandwiched between crowds, marching bands and other groups/floats.

We can only feel for our Scottish peers that have had their historical replica weaponry banned from public carriage during the upcoming Battle of Bannockburn “parade” (a short march along a single street to the site of the battle.)

In recent years, many of those taking part have worn medieval costumes, complete with swords, axes, daggers and shields. But Stirling council has told the organisers that no arms can be carried during the march.

But pro-sword campaigners accuse the council of double standards, pointing out that Scots law allows some to dress up as Vikings and march with battleaxes during the Up Helly Aa festival and that that Scots are allowed to carry skean dhus (small daggers) in their socks at every wedding.


Sword of Local Remembrance


BANFFSHIRE-JOURNAL (UK) 20 June 12  James Macpherson replica sword goes on show in museum

A five-foot-long medieval-style replica of the sword belonging to freebooter James Macpherson, the last man hanged in Banff, has been handed over to the Clan Macpherson Museum.


Sword of Recognition


THE TELEGRAPH (London, UK) 24 June 12  King Edward VII’s diamond encrusted sword goes on display at Buckingham Palace for Jubilee (Roya Nikkhah)

DAILY MAIL (London, UK) 24 June 12  Maharajah’s sword set to shine

The 2,000 carat Jaipur Sword and Scabbard, a coronation gift from the Maharajah of Jaipur to King Edward VII, will be on display during the Buckingham Palace “Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration” presentation.

Apparently, this sword is kept under glass and does not require anyone to carry it through the streets of London.


Sword as Religious Symbol


THE NEWS (Karachi, Pakistan) 22 June 12  Sword that helped kings’ to rule is in Pakistan  (Rasheed Khalid)

While not WMA-specific, this item demonstrates the powerful allure that swords can have on people’s imaginations … and core beliefs.

We’ve not been able to find much of anything else on this recent discovery; but if this recent sword find is as important a historical and religious find as the journalist alludes, a ‘sword’ may become one of the most precious and culturally important archelogical finds in late modern times.


What’s Old is New Again.


HERALD-BULLETIN (Anderson, Indiana) 25 June 12  Metal worker now offering classes in custom swords  (Abbey Doyle)

We’ve read of late about Academie Duello offering classes in armour crafting and bow making; and in the United States they have a group teaching another medieval skill – that of sword making.

A. Davis Metalworx is currently conducting one-on-one sessions on sword-related smithing skills, and hopes to branch into larger classes this fall.

“Arts is one of the first things to be cut from schools these days,” owner Andrew Davis said. “These traditional crafts are a good outlet for kids, something they can really enjoy and take on and have a passion for — something other than video games. Plus, it gives people a trade and knowledge and ability with these tools and skills.”




Are these the faces (and pink outfits) of our future WMA/HEMA scholars?


And, notwithstanding how martial and irresistable you make think you look when you enter ‘the list’, please leave contact jousting to those who are trained and armoured for it.