Social Media Sword Press: News for October 2015

Pretty but Authentic Blades Doing Ugly but Authentic Things

KOTAKU (New York, New York). 26 October 15. How People Actually Fought With Swords.

Cédric Hauteville’s Kickstarter-supported HEMA documentary “Back to the Source” is now available on YouTube.

“Actual blade combat was messy and nasty, caring less about looking pretty….”

Tyrone Power Jr., (The Mark of Zorro, 1940)
Tyrone Power Jr., (The Mark of Zorro, 1940)

Choreography. It’s actually quite boring.

EXAMINER.COM (Denver, Colorado). 01 October 15. Secrets of sword fighting.

And if you still want to know how people really used swords, both in film and “for real”, but prefer a more one-on-one approach than does YouTube, I recommend you to the short piece featuring Maestro Ramon Martinez.

To There and Back Again

OFFENBACH POST (Germany). 19 September 15. Historisches Fechten: Die Säbel kreuzen.

Heiko Große has spent a little over a half-decade instructing historical swordplay classes within his Broadsword Academy. Originally training with katanas in a public park, Große developed an interest in the western tradition of swordwork and gradually developed enough expertise and attracted enough like-minded souls to start a HEMA school… in an established dojo!

Große opines that the defensive fight is the critical part of swordplay — the critical factor being “not to be hit”.
Messers from

Medium Age Hunds Learn New Tricks

RHEINISCHE POST (Germany). 12 October 15. Auf den Spuren historischer Kämpfe.

Solingens’ Klingenmuseum recently sponsored its two-day, annual HEMA symposium and workshop for thirty participants from a variety of German schools.  Longsword, sword and buckler, rapier and even “messer” techniques were featured, taught by some of Germany’s (and Austria’s) best masters.

One student offered that this event was a chance to learn of different interpretations to techniques that one has already studied… and that amending your “old habits” to the new technique being taught that day can be a challenge. (Quick, hands up… how many of you have the same problem when attending somebody else’s workshop?  Yup… I thought so.)

Lucky … and Informative Number Seven

THE HERALD (Glasgow, UK). 15 October 15. Ancient swords retrieved from Coll’s history.

Remnants of seven 3,000 year-old Bronze Age swords may yield clues to the lifestyle of the rich and pugnacious on the island of Coll in Scotland.  Offered up as gifts to the deities of that time and place, the sword parts will not only yield clues to the state of weapons-smithing at the time, but also as to the lifestyles of the people nearby… and quite possibly, some of the climatic conditions that those same people lived through.