Somewhat Related to Sword Press

Sometimes when things are quiet in the WMA world, trying to find sword-related press is akin to banging your head against a stone wall … a very tall, thick stone … hey, wait a minute! …

Taking a Castle – the Hard Way

THE PROVINCE (Vancouver, BC) 08 March 12  Fresh take on medieval castles – Series explores historical sites and how they stood up in times of war

Fresh on the heels (spurs?) of the two jousting programs offered on television, comes this six-part documentary educating us on things medieval – Battle Castle!

Filmed on location at various castle sites around the world, the castle descriptions are further augmented with computer-graphics and cow-friendly ‘battle shots’ taken in the Academie Duello’s own Abbotsford-area back yard.

“We think of castles as being old-fashioned but in their time they were state of the art technology, dynamic and cutting edge.”

Taking a Castle – the Bad Way

TV NOVINY (Bratislava, Slovak Republic) 11 March 12  Požiar hradu Krásna Hôrka spôsobili chlapci, ktorí si chceli zapáliť

The 14th C castle ‘Krásna Hôrka’ suffered significant fire damage this week, however most of its historical collections were saved – including a valuable, period armoury (>

First mentioned in history about 1333, the historic site was only open to the public for less than a year before the conflagration.…

Taking a Castle – the Modern Way

EURASIA REVIEW (Washington, DC) February 12  Privatizing Albanian Castles Worries Heritage Experts

Albanian historical authorities are worried about the preservation of medieval sites and artefacts after a recent declaration by their government that they intend to lease medieval castles to local businessmen to covert into bars and restaurants.

It’s a sad trend that every time there is a museum theft, library fire or historical-site sale and ‘development’; we as a community loose one more irrecoverable jewel from history.…

Bad Sword – Bad!

WIRED NEWS (San Francisco, CA) 06 March 12   Sorry, That’s Not Really Saddam’s Sword You’re Buying

Back in January, we posted that the late Saddam Hussein’s sword was up for auction (  Well, apparently not.

For a whole bunch of excellent reasons, the authenticity of the sold-for $17K blade is open to question.