Staged Sword Press

Show of hands – how many ‘originally’ came to their interest in swordplay from reading books such as ‘Yvain’, ‘Scaramouche’ or ‘Prince Caspian’?   One – two – three … OK, hands down.

And those whom were captured by blade work after watching television or movies such as ‘The Mark of Zorro’, ‘The Princess Bride’, Scaramouche (with Errol Flynn) or Ivanhoe? 

And how many of us took an old branch or a broom handle in hand minutes after listening to the clash of steel during one of Neville Teller’s radio dramas from the fifties?  One … oh … sorry, let’s start again … anyone? … darn!


Swordplay as We ‘think’ it should be


NOTICIAS GRANDE LISBOA (Portugal) 16 August 12  Começou o Campeonato do Mundo de Esgrima Artística no Estoril

The World Stage Fencing Championship was held last week in Cascais, and saw representation by 14 nations competing for honours in the ‘ancient’, ‘medieval’, ‘grand siécle’, ‘timeless’ and ‘fantasy’ genres, as well as modern sports fencing, wheelchair adapted fencing and fencing for the blind.

Yes, our fight manager peers have their own Stanley Cup!  We must admit that We’re intrigued by how one would score the presentations.  Basic forms?  Artistic merit?  Accolade?

But one thing is for certain, there will be a new, next generation of young (and not so young) White Cords wanting to ‘learn sword play’ or engage in serious study of WMA/HEMA; because they were initially drawn to our art by the visual and dramatic efforts of fight managers and coaches on stage or by film.




THE STAR (Toronto, Ontario) 16 August 12  Summer School: Learning to shoot a bow and arrow (Jennifer Wilson)

A modest introduction into the ‘reality’ of learning archery.

QOTD: “an ugly bruise — which I bragged about, endlessly, referring to it as my archery injury”

Come on … whom amongst us hasn’t done the same the next day after taking a ‘good sword hit’ during a bout?


VOLLEYBALL VERBAND (Germany) 27 July 12 London 2012: Jonas Reckermann: “Ich bin nicht der Typ, der sich Schwerter an die Wand hängt”

Honest Dear, I was watching the Men’s Beach Volley Ball game – with replays – for sword play tips!  Really!