Summer at the Stables

Summer is just around the corner, and boy is it busy!  So rather than start the series on Riding 1 this week, I thought I'd give an overview of what's happening in the coming months.


2 June: This Saturday during the rank exams at Academie Duello we'll be presenting a number of Green Spurs to those who have earned, but haven't yet received them.

3 June: Intro to Mounted Combat and Mounted Combat workshops.  Focus this month is on the sword in one hand.

9 June: Riding & Horsemanship.  Last class before assessments.
Horsemanship: Level 1 & 2: feeding, stabling & review; Level 3: foot & shoeing; Level 4 & 5: conformation
Riding: Level 1: rising trot, circles; Level 2: drills, ground poles; Level 3-4 cross-country schooling (weather permitting)

16 June: Riding & Horsemanship. Assessments for those who are ready, otherwise lessons as usual.  Possibly last chance for assessments before August Tournament!

24 June: Schooling show at Richmond Stables.


8 July: Intro to Mounted Combat and Mounted Combat workshops.  Last chance to assess Mounted Combat material before August Tournament!

9 July (if sufficient enrollment): Riding & Horsemanship Class 1

16 July(if sufficient enrollment): Riding & Horsemanship Class 2


*note - no Mounted Combat workshops in August*

11 August: Riding & Horsemanship Class 1

13 August (if sufficient enrollment): Riding & Horsemanship Class 3

20 August (if sufficient enrollment): Riding & Horsemanship Assessments

25 August:Riding & Horsemanship Class 2

26 August: Tournament!

More details will follow in upcoming weeks regarding the tournament.  It will be similar to last year's with beginner, intermediate and open categories.  To use a borrowed horse you must have been assessed to at least level1 in both Horsemanship and Riding.

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Other News

Some of our assistant instructors did their Pony Club C1 tests this weekend, and I'm happy to say they all passed.  Congrats to Isabel & Eleanor who have passed their C1 Stable Management (equivalent to our Horsemanship 5), and Kate who did her C1 Riding, which is equivalent to our Riding 5, but with much higher jumps.

Finally, courtesy of Major Wes, we have news of Sarah King, who became the first woman to win the Sword, Lance and Revolver Tent-pegging competition at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this year:

Jennifer Landels heads up Academie Duello's Cavaliere Program. She has been swordfighting since 2008, and riding since before she could walk. She started the program as an excuse to combine those passions.
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