Women – Don’t Give Em Attitude Sword Press

Talhoffer takes the Train

DER KURIER (Vienna, Austria) 07 February 14 Rapier, Säbel und Pluderhose: Fechten wie die Musketiere (Anna-Maria Bauer)

Dreynschlag, one of the 20 historical fencing groups in Austria, hosted 200 of their peers during  their 10th annual “Dreyn Event” in Brigittenau.

Combatants learned new skills and competed in rapier, sabre and pole-arms over three days and four venues.

The photos linked in the article could have been taken within most any HEMA/WMA competition, anytime and anywhere, but it does illustrate that as small as the country of Austria is, it is very capable of hosting a respected and well attended historical fencing gathering!

We were particularly impressed by visiting Swiss fighter Menhild Eyricas’ comment that “they filled their train compartment with swords and sabres!”.

Learning Longsword

REMSCHEID GENERAL-ANZEIGER (Germany) 03 February 14 Fechten wie im Mittelalter – Schule für alte Kampfkunst in Unterbarmen (Sophie Blasberg)

The Alte-Kampfkunst salle is well underway with its 2014 training season, and is reoffering their popular beginners longsword program.

Authenticity is important to Stefan Dieke, master of the group, who emphasizes that not only is HEMA/WMA a martial art, but that it is a rediscovered martial art that ‘has been handed down by only a few sources’.

Our quote of the week also comes from a student here:  “A stabbing weapon just has that special charm,” says Achim Busch.

Five Alive!®

MÄRKISCHE ODERZEITUNG (Frankfurt, Germany) 02 February 14  Heftige Kontaktaufnahme (Aileen Hohnstein)

Rise of the Knights II

(Photo: Frithjof Ritschel)

The ‘Rise of the Knights II’ five-on-five fighting competition was held in Berlin, with a series of closely contested 3-minute bouts between experienced medieval-fight teams from across Europe – with England taking home the honours this year.

The melee very much resembles what We see within the Battle of Nations format, and, notwithstanding the extensive safety and conduct rules and pre-fight examinations conduct before any fighter is allowed to take the field; bumps, bruises and blood were a common sight during this event.  One paramedic declared that they needed ‘four or five people working together’ to handle everyone that needed looking at.

But then, as one ex-soldier put it “crap happens”; and you get up and get back into it.

There were four women that fought in individual ‘heavy bouts’ – a first for fights in Germany.  It was not the first round ever fought for 21 year old Dominika Badowska though– she has been leaning-with-intent into other people for five years now.

Chivalry is Not Dead – But … Smack! … You are!

KÖLNER STADT-ANZEIGER (Germany) 05 February 13   Schwertkampf In Mülheim – Die Wikinger vom Stadtgarten

Rose gardens are probably not the first place the one thinks of when one goes about looking for a training field within which to practice Viking-inspired swordplay … however, the 15 regulars of the Kappaval group likes it that way.

Meeting weekly to practice historical Viking technique and to prepare for public demonstrations, the group tends to fight more with 3-on-3 than with individuals ‘duels’.  Fighting is conducted with cuts only, thrusts are forbidden, as are blows to the head, neck, hands, feet or abdomen.

There are no age nor ‘weight classes’ within Kappaval training, so women melee with men, the only nod to the former being that they use lighter weight blades.

One of the swordswomen thinks that in fighting men, there are sometimes advantages … sometimes the men are ‘extra cautious’ in their approach … a hesitation that she tries to exploit!

There Can Only Be … Two!

EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS (UK) 03 February 14  Rare chance as city swordsmith seeks apprentices

the-sword-smithPaul Macdonald of Macdonald Armouries is taking applications for two apprentice positions to study one of Scotland’s rarest heritage crafts today – sword smithing.

Paul, who described the job as demanding but rewarding, said: “A passion for history has to be there because we research and study original pieces – it’s an essential part of the job”.

We anticipate that  a qualified woman’s application would be well considered by Mr Macdonald.





Sharps Things on Horses?  Very Brave!

DAILY HERALD (Everett, Washington) 08 February 14  On horseback, Arlington woman is right on target (Gale Fiege)

Katie Stearns of Broken Arrow Mounted Archers is benefiting both from the enduring love of horse riding in her area, and the increased numbers of people that want to learn archery – she instructs on how to put the two together to recreate a unique martial art.

“It’s empowering,” Stearns said. “Hitting a target while riding your horse makes you feel strong and capable. It’s meditative and amazing.”



– Name the your preferred swordmaster …  Hans Talhoffer? George Silver?   Skarch Vaunk?

– On the piste you’re the pole-arm professional without peer!  So, how do you lever that into a paying position?