Sword Press Gift List & CRTC-mandated Canadian Content

Tis getting close to that season where we want to purchase gifts (or strip them from our battle-won hostages) for those we care for.  Oh yes, since sword-wielding Mr Bloom is otherwise engaged, our intermittent Page 3 effort for the ladies comes from closer to home … my home actually.  (Meaning ‘close by where I live’, not meaning that it’s me … but then, you probably already guessed that.  Darn!)    Respects, Wes


Canadian Content I


THE LOOKOUT (CFB Esquimalt, British Columbia) 21 November 11 First African-Nova Scotian

You’ve seen previous postings here about Canadian Forces swords being offered and received by officers for various events.  What is not well-known is that within the Canadian Navy there still are specific swords for honouring non-commissioned members.
Photo at URL.


You can see the same blade closer at: http://guthriewoods.com/index.php/swords/canada-navy-cutlass.html


Canadian Content II – Cheesecake edition


TORONTO LIFE (Ontario) 28 November 11  Watch two hot, sculpted Toronto men having a sword fight

The National Ballet of Canada has just released a video of two of the company’s principal male dancers—Jiří Jelinek and Piotr Stanczyk—rehearsing a sword fight for an upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. I’d like to amend the author’s line just a bit … “If this doesn’t put (petite lady derrières) in the seats, nothing will.”

I also have a modest personal problem with any fighter with obvious athletic grace (see the vid), attitude and steel in his/her fist being featured in a ‘pretty-young-things’ section!!  Unless they mean ‘pretty freakin dangerous’! (Grin)
Video at URL



Christmas Swords?

MILITARY TIMES (Springfield, Va.) 27 November 11  Marine commandant gives miniature swords as birthday ball gift

The 3,000 Guests of the recent Marine Corps Birthday Ball were each gifted with a detailed 10-inch miniature Marine officer’s sword letter opener, complete with sheath and intricate detailing.  The city of production will be familiar to us all.
Photos at URL.



GULF DAILY NEWS (Manama, Bahrain) 26 November 11  Latest designs on show

Where else except at Jewellery Arabia 2011 would you expect to pick up that last-minute, $3,840,000 (Cdn) 2,800-diamond encrusted, gold inlay sword as a stocking-stuffer?



Swords of our Past, maybe … sort of …


DURHAM TIMES (UK) 26 November 11  Bishop crosses river for sword that slew worm (Chris Lloyd)

A confrontation looms.

On one side – a leader clad in bloody-scarlet, mob-handed and with his falchion close-by, protected by his mace-bearer and flanked by men-at-arms in black and yellow – their armoured steeds waiting silently behind.

Approaching grimly, the smaller Bishop’s cadre – but secure in the knowledge that right was might.

And finally, there naught but a bridge between two sides … a hush … .. .

“This ceremony embeds you in the traditions and history of this place, and that’s hugely important,” said the bishop. “Something like this reminds us where we come from, and its symbolism tells us about the past ….”

Your Word of the Day:  Mob-handed: in or with a large group of people