Technique Fusion in Self Defense

This week, we'll take a look at at a video that compares Pentjak Silat with Krav Maga (in French). Their goal, as stated by Frank Ropers at the start of the session, is to show both schools that their styles mesh together very well. From a Bartitsu perspective, I love using this type of thing to illustrate that all martial arts that concern themselves with real attacks end up in the same place: effective strikes with arms and legs leading to takedowns.

KRAV MAGA vs PENCHAK SILAT - Alain Formaggio vs Franck Ropers !

While watching, observe the number of techniques that are exactly the same as those taught in traditional Bartitsu and its component arts, especially jujitsu.

Krav Maga

Early on, Alain advises to never grab around the neck in a standard chancery because you run the risk of a head-butt. My opinion is that control of the neck will help to avoid a head-butt for exactly that reason.

Both Alain and Frank use a neck-break in a couple of techniques, where a head-twist takedown is a gentler approach with a higher chance of success.

Speaking of success, Alain makes an excellent point about knife attacks: "I don't teach the perfect defence because somebody is attacking you. It's already a bad situation. I teach you to get to the least bad outcome."


The toes-outward kick used by Frank is done to the thigh for training purposes, but he himself admits that the real target is the knee. In this way, it is exactly the same as the shin kick that we adopt from Savate. I think Frank has made a career of excellent shin kicks and we could all learn from his example.

Mixed Martial Arts for Survival

It's obvious that these days MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport and has a ton of popularity for training because it is on TV all the time. The one-on-one fighting of Brazilian Jujitsu combined with Muai Thai is great for the ring. In a real self-defense scenario, MMA has too many limitations. The true cross-training of what was once called Combatives or Antagonistics is the mixed martial art that will keep you safe in the street against multiple attackers.

Multiple Attackers

On August 9, we've got a new workshop for self-defense against multiple attackers, called Bartitsu: Handling a Gang of Ruffians. Don't miss this practical workshop for your own safety.

I'm not promising anything, but here's something for your entertainment:

Jack Reacher Bar Fight Scene (Complete)

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