Throwing Your Weapon Away ... from Horseback

Blue Spur: Throwing a Spear from the Saddle

The final Mounted Games item in the Blue Spear checklist is:

Safely throw a javelin from the halt and walk without emphasis on accuracy.

Since we don't even ask you to hit a target, this is, (in a sense) even easier than the earlier requirement of hitting a target from the ground.  There is also not much I can add to my recomendations from November.  So review that post with the following extra caveats.

  • Your legs can't add to the mechanics of the throw, so all your power must come from your upper body.  Twist from the waist to retract your throwing shoulder as far as possible, while ensuring your hips remain stationary – otherwise your horse may head in another direction.
  • When you wind up it is important to make sure the spear stays parallel to your horse.  A common error is to allow the hand to twist outwards or upwards.  This has two ill effects: hitting your horse in the rump with the spear, and deviating the javelin from target.javelin 2
  • As with the preparation, the release is doubly important from horseback.  Ensure you hand points at the target as you follow through.  Otherwise your spear may cross the path of your horse.  While this isn't so much of a problem at a standstill, as you move up to walk, trot, and eventually gallop, it is vital your horse has a clear straight path and does not run afoul of your own spear!

Although the mechanics of your throw are hampered somewhat by your motionless legs, velocity is increased by the speed of your horse, and a well-thrown spear from a galloping horse has impressive power.  Once you have mastered the throw from a standstill and are consistently accurate you can beginning throwing from a moving horse at increasing gaits.

Happy Holidays!

The blog will take a break till January, when I'll return with the last item of the Blue Spur checklist, Xenophon, before beginning with Red Spur material.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Tally Ho!
Tally Ho!


Mounted Combat 2016

Classes have been scheduled to begin at the end of January.  Riding and Horsemanship classes begin January 31st, and Mounted Combat classes start the following week, February 7th.  We will start the year with a Mounted Combat playday on January 31st as well.  All classes take place at Red Colt Co-op, 12320 No 2 Road, in Richmond.

Beginner Riding & Horsemanship
Sundays 31 January - 6 March, 10am - noon
cost: $300 + gst

Riding & Horsemanship Level 2
Sundays 31 January - 6 March, 10am - noon
cost: $300 + gst

Horsemanship Level 3-4
Sundays 31 January - 6 March, 10:30 - 11:30am
cost: $130 + gst

Riding Level 3+
Sundays 31 January - 6 March, noon - 1pm
cost: $200 + gst

Mounted Combat Playday
Sunday 31 January, 1:30 - 4:30pm
cost: $15 + $15 for use of school horse
Free for ground crew & spectators!

Intermediate Mounted Combat
Sundays 7 February - 6 March, 1pm - 3pm
cost: $160 + gst

Mounted Combat Fundamentals
Sundays 7 February - 6 March, 1:30 - 3pm
cost: $120 + gst


Jennifer Landels heads up Academie Duello's Cavaliere Program. She has been swordfighting since 2008, and riding since before she could walk. She started the program as an excuse to combine those passions.
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