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Three ‘historical’ swords from three different countries.

Respect for, interest in and, at times, adoration of the sword as a cultural or historical symbol is not restricted to any one country or group.  One of the real pleasures that We’ve enjoyed over the past couple of years is the chance to discuss (by phone, Scype or text) swords of many forms with peers around the world.  And regardless of our area-of-expertise; be it rapier, sword and shield, katana or scimitar; We always found something in common to explore to mutual benefit.


A furore normannorum libera nos domine


IRISH INDEPENDENT (Dublin, Ireland) 13 December 12  Ancient swords find prompts investigation

Two Viking swords of different periods have been found by a diving club at a ‘secret location’ within the River Shannon.


Él dexó la lança, e mano al espada metió;

cuando lo vio Ferrán González, conuvo a Tizón,

que antes qu'el golpe esperasse, dixo: -¡Vençido sói!-


LA NUEVA ESPAÑA‎  (Austurias, Spain) 24 November 12  La herencia de la «Tizona», vista para sentencia (A. Rubiera)

The Tizona or ‘burning brand’ is the sword attributed to the legendary Castilian knight ‘El Cid’, and was carried by him during his campaigns against the Moors ‘old Spain’.

Recently, the two million dollar sword was the source of a five-year legal battle as to who had the rights of ownership (and thus the lucrative ‘sale’) of the blade.  The item is mostly a long description of the legal wrangling and the convoluted ownership of the weapons’ past, but it does demonstrate how historical or ‘culturally important’ swords do still manage to inspire passion (and avarice apparently).


‘Clang!’  Or rather ‘Ka-ching!”


FINANCE PUBLICATIONS OFFSHORE (Jersey, UK) 07 December 12  Crusader Sword captured from Mamluk Arsenal in Alexandria gives £163,250 edge To Bonham’s £1m Arms and Armour Sale

You may remember the Mamluk Arsenal ‘Crusader sword’ We reported on back in October?  Well, it was thought at the time that it would sell for $90k at the high end.

We’re pleased (and no slightly envious) to report that this historical sword eventually sold for $260,000!

Of note is the source of the item – a financial paper/blog!  Interest in historical swords is not restricted to those doing serious study within WMA/HEMA disciplines.  But, let’s hope the new owner will show the blade the same respect and care that We would!




TAGBLATT (St. Gallen, Switzerland) 23 November 12  Diebe stehlen Schwert aus 16. Jahrhundert

The sword of Schaffhausen’s 16th century ‘Landsknecht’ statue was stolen.


MID-DAY (Mumbai, India) 26 November 12  Saif Ali Khan needed just three days to master sword-fighting

Apparently, Bollywood fight directors are truly excellent instructors!