Tune Up Your Skills with Drop-in Classes

We are all busy — that’s a given.  Which often makes it hard to commit to weekly classes or a full series.  We say to ourselves  “no time this month, I’ll sign-up next month”.  But next month, the same thing is likely to happen.

There are good reasons to commit to regular pre-paid classes:

Learning swordplay is different for everyone.

  • The prices are usually better
  • You are more likely to attend regularly if you’ve booked it into your schedule
  • You tend to get the most out of a practice by doing it on a regular basis
  • Classes may not run if not enough people are signed up in advance — eliminating the opportunity for drop-ins.

However, just because you get the most benefit from regular classes, does not mean you get none from sporadic lessons.  Ben quintainSaying “I can’t go regularly, so I might as well not go at all,” is false logic.  If you haven’t been to class in a couple of months, you may not get as much out of it as your classmate who has been coming weekly.  But you will certainly get some benefit, which is (by mathematical definition) infinitely better than none.

Stop beating yourself up for not being able to attend regular classes.  Instead, make a commitment to attend when you can.  Use drop-ins to keep the gears in your brain and body from rusting entirely, so that when your schedule finally opens up you can hit the ground running.

Fortunately, it’s easy to drop into swordplay classes at the salle at any time.  There are also usually one or two drop-in spaces in any given riding or mounted combat class at Red Colt, although you need to sign-up a day or two ahead of time to ensure there is a horse for you.

Current Classes with Drop-in Availability

These classes run on Sundays through October 30th.  Online registration is closed, but drop-ins can register through the front desk at 604 568 9907.

Beginner Riding & Horsemanship 10am – noon, drop-in: $60
Riding & Horsemanship Level 2 10am – noon, drop-in: $60
Riding Level 3+ noon – 1pm, drop-in: $45
Intermediate Mounted Combat 1pm – 3pm, drop-in: $50

For the month of October Intermediate Mounted Combat will be focussing on the following topics:
9 October: grappling & pommel plays
16 October: mounted games
23 October: spear & lance
30 October: mounted sparring

While there will be riding classes in November and December, this is the last set of Mounted Combat classes for the year.  If you have your Green Spur, try and make at least one this month!Jen & Karissa

Upcoming Classes

And, predicting your schedule will open up to allow you to sign up for a series, here’s what’s coming up:

Beginner Riding & Horsemanship

If you’ve never been on a horse, or if its been a long time, here’s the place to start.  When you arrive at the barn at 10am you’ll begin with a horsemanship lesson, familiarizing yourself with the horses and their tack, as well as how to groom, handle and tack them up.  Then you will have a riding lesson, working through the requirements of Riding Level 1 — the prerequisite to most of the fun stuff we do on horseback!

Sundays 10am – noon
6 November – 11 December 2016
cost: $300 + gst for 6 classes
instructor: Stephanie Laversin

Riding & Horsemanship Level 2Tilly

This course is intended for riders who have taken classes through the program and are comfortable tacking up their own horses.  Riders should arrive at 9:30am to tack up and warm up their horses before starting their riding lessons at 10am, followed by Horsemanship Level 2 or 3 lessons at 11am

Sundays 10am – noon
6 November – 11 December 2016
cost: $300 + gst for 6 classes
instructor: Stephanie Laversin

Horsemanship Level 3-4saddle fitting

If you have your Level 2 Horsemanship and wish to delve deeper into horse care including topics such as trailering, vet & first aid, bandaging, foot & shoeing and conditioning this class is for you.

Sundays 10:30am – 11:30am
6 November – 11 December 2016
cost: $130 + gst for 6 classes
instructor: Kate Landels

Riding Level 3+Jack 2

This class is intended for independent riders who have achieved Level 2 or higher.  Riders are expected to be tacked up and warmed up prior to class.  Own helmets, boots, and half chaps are recommended, as are safety vests for the occasional cross-country class, weather permitting.

Sundays noon – 1pm
6 November – 11 December 2016
cost: $200 + gst for 6 classes
instructor: Stephanie Laversin

You can sign up for these classes online, at the front desk, or by phone: 604 568 9907.


Jennifer Landels Jennifer Landels heads up Academie Duello's Cavaliere Program. She has been swordfighting since 2008, and riding since before she could walk. She started the program as an excuse to combine those passions.
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