Video Lessons: Finding & Gaining, Offhand Stringere, Defeating the Buckler, Posta Finestra

Welcome to week 2! Now we’re starting to get into the meat of our topics. In Green (level 1) we are looking at controlling the physical advantages that will allow us to defeat our opponent’s attack. In Blue (level 2) we are using the offhand to cover and to control directly, and in Red (level 3) we are looking at employing and defeating the buckler as a secondary to the rapier. We also have a special applied combatives exercise again this week that will help you learn to recall what happens while you are fighting and use it to improve your success much more rapidly than you would through drill and class time alone.

Longsword Focus

Posta Finestra is a position we often come to when we have parried a blow to the head but can also be reached at the end of a cut, and as a transitiong between posta di dona and a more extended position. In this week’s class we look at how to cut with intention and efficient mechanics from both finestra guards while being tested by our partner to ensure we are covering our hands and body’s appropriately.

Posta Finestra 1


Green Cord (Level 1)

This week we look at the mechanics of gaining control of the opponent’s sword using the three advantages: 1. The advantage of edge, 2. The advantage of leverage, 3. The advantage of crossing. Through understanding of these advantages you can deflect your opponent’s weapon while you simultaneously strike.

Approaching 3: Finding and GainingApproaching 2: Measures

Blue Cord (Level 2)

This week we look at how the dagger and offhand can be used to create covers after forcing our opponent into a disengage and hten how we can use the offhand or dagger itself to constrain the opponent and force a disengage in the same manner as we would with the sword.

Offhand-Dagger 3: StringereOffhand-Dagger 4: Primary Stringere

Red Cord (Level 3)

The buckler functions differently than a dagger or offhand in that it has nearly no capacity to hold the opponent’s weapon in place. This week we first look at how the buckler can play a primary defensive role and be reinforced by the sword’s position. We then look at how to find openings and weaknesses in the defence of the buckler.

Buckler-Cloak 3: Sword to BucklerBuckler-Cloak 4: Defeating the Buckler

Applied Combatives

This week in applied combatives on our workshop review playlist, we are looking at an exercise known as Deconstruction. In this exercise we will build our ability to self-analyze, break down what happened in a particular fight, and then make appropriate corrections and exercises using what we’ve learned.


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