Why I’m excited for repetition

I’m going to VISS and I’m really excited for it.With all due respect to the other instructors I’ll probably spend the majority of my time in Tom Leoni’s 3-day workshop on Italian Rapier.

This is a topic that I’ve spent the past 8 years or so studying but I’m still looking forward to spending somewhere close to 9 hours immersed in it.

Here’s the description for the workshop. Give it a quick read and then come on back.

There are several very good reasons to study a subject that you’re familiar with and I’ll list a few hear

  • familiar concepts presented slightly differently and/or using different phrasing
  • a pair of eyes that whose emphasis differs from the usual set
  • situations presented in different contexts

It all results generally in a deepening of your knowledge which is how I generally like to direct my study.


Here’s a few direct examples (beyond what I just mentioned) that has me really curious:

  • “3 types of attack” – I can only think of 2!
  • “compound attacks” – curious to know what these are
  • “beats” – I can definitely benefit from this
  • “General tactical considerations” – this will really deepen how I approach different opponents

There are things in there for novice students as well as more experienced ones. For me personally this will deepen what (I think) I already know and whet my appetite on new stuff.


So cool.


Having joined Academie Duello in 2004, Clinton achieved his Provost rank in August of 2015. He's been teaching since 2008. Clinton's expertise centers around Italian rapier, longsword and sidesword.
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