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New Year, New Skills.

CHICAGOIST (Illinois) 08 Janury 14  The 5 Most Unusual Workouts In Chicago

For those in the chilly Midwest (and where isn’t lately?) that have made the usual new years’ resolution to become fit; Forteza Fitness offers you a variety of programs and swordplay specialties to keep you engaged … and sweating!

Excuse me Sire; but did You drop This?

GÜSTROWER ANZEIGER (Germany) 30 December 13  Mit einer Sonde Schweden- Schwert entdeckt

SwedishIn what this paper is calling the ‘find of the year’, a soil conservationist discovered a Swedish origin sword-blade with a “golden grip”.  Though there has been a lot of archaeological interest in the relic and the location from which it has been recovered, there’s been no declaration to date as to the historical background to the blade.


Excuse me Sire; but did You drop This?  Too bad, I’m keeping it!

HESSISCHE/NIEDERSÄCHSISCHE ALLGEMEINE (Kassel, Germany) 29 December 13  Zufallsfund aus dem Mittelalter: Wem gehören Schwert und Beil? (Peter Dilling)

There’s a bit of a legal melee going on near the Volkswagen factory at Baunatal.  It seems that a passer-by discovered the remnants of a medieval axe and sword on the site; weapons which the state subsequently claimed.

So, who owns history?

Recreating the Past Redux

WESTFÄLISCHE NACHRICHTEN (Münster, Germany) 18 December 13  Das Geheimnis der alten Schwerter

This item is a concurrent follow-on to last weeks’ offering about the swords being looked at by the Leipzig Institute of Mineralogy.  In this case Westphalian archeologists have determined that those same medieval swords found within their territory were forged from six bars of alloyed metal – and those techniques resulted in both toughness and in the blades’ unique ‘worms’ patterning.

Dropping … Opponents.

УРАЛ-ПРЕСС-ИНФОРМ (Chelyabinsk, Russia) 09 January 14  Клуб исторического фехтования из Челябинска стал чемпионом России

SvetlanaChelyabinsks’ late-medieval, Historical Fencing Club  “Golden Falcon” fought teams from eight other cities to win the Russian ‘Master Blade’ championship to become the pre-eminent club within their historical swordplay ‘Premier League’.  (They have leagues!  Leagues!  And We have a challenge finding a training partner! So not fair)




In swordplay, terminology is important.  Say what you mean, and mean what you say!

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