Eastern Cane

Although the walking stick techniques of Bartitsu are an integral part of the art and contribute to its popularity, there are other martial arts that explore the cane.

Tai chi and forms of Chinese kung fu sometimes incorporate weapons, including the straight sword, the saber, the staff, and the cane. I’m no expert on those forms, so here’s a bunch of videos for you to learn from masters of their own art.

Tai Chi Cane

Here’s the series from Michael Gilman and Gilman Studio









Cane Masters

Their YouTube channel is primarily composed of short segments to promote their DVDs. I cannot vouch for the quality of their products, but they do have some fun techniques. Here’s just a few:




Learn and Integrate

It’s always a good idea to add techniques and concepts to your self-defense practice to be ready for any situation. It’s equally important to have a foundation so that everything you learn can fit into a system so you can think clearly about what works for you.

This Saturday, join us for Fight Like Sherlock Holmes, our introduction to Bartitsu workshop. It’s four hours of walking stick, Victorian bare-knuckle boxing, savate and jujitsu. We focus on the historical as well as the practical, and equip you to deal with ruffians as a gentleman.

Call Academie Duello 604-569-9907 to sign up, or drop by 412 W. Hastings St, very close to the Waterfront Skytrain station in downtown Vancouver.


David McCormick Head of Stage Combat at Academie Duello and certified Instructor with Fight Directors Canada. Head of Bartitsu at Academie Duello, the longest continuously running Bartitsu program in the world.
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