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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Umbrella

Posted on by David McCormick

During these rainy winter months in Vancouver, we hold monthly workshops in Umbrella self defence. At the turn of the last century, every gentleman carried a walking stick, and every woman carried a parasol. Since we carry our modern umbrellas just as frequently in Vancouver today, it's a great value to learn how they learned to use it as an…

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Jujitsu Suffragette Interview

Posted on by David McCormick

The evening world., August 17, 1921, Wall Street Final Edition, Page 3. New York, N.Y. Using Jiu Jitsu on Time and Mashers, Mrs. De Hart Tells How to Master Pests In Three-Minute Hot Weather Interview Woman Who Has Laid Low 40 or 50 So-Called "Men" Proves She Is as Clever and Forceful in Speech as She Is in Using Her…

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Is VISS for beginners

Posted on by clintfernandes

Short answer: absolutely.  A few of our newer students who feel a little anxious about registering for the 2013 Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium(VISS). There are several reasons for this feeling and I'll address some of them here.  "It's kind of expensive"  This applies to beginners and "veterans" alike. And, actually it's not. At a cost of $299 it's actually a…

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Article in the Vancouver’s Westender Newspaper

Posted on by devonboorman

If you pickup this week's Westender Newspaper you'll see a great article by Gen Handley about Academie Duello.  Gen checked out a class a few weeks ago and it looks like he had a great time. It's a good article and tells a little about the origins of Duello. You can also check it out online. Happy New Year everyone!…

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Boxing Day!

Posted on by David McCormick

Every day is boxing day for me. It’s just coincidence that in Canada we also celebrate the day after Christmas by the same name. Is it Boxercize? If you’re not taking some punches, hardening your abs for impact, and feeling your fist contacting an opponent (or a heavy bag to simulate one), then you’re doing boxercise, not pugilism. One of…

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Awesome Workshops at the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium

Posted on by devonboorman

VISS 2013 is approaching, and we’re excited to announce a first look at our workshop lineup! We are proud to offer two styles of workshops at VISS. The first style offers a more in-depth look into various topics, with work that will build across three days of classes. Topics for this style of workshop include: “Understanding Armizare - a Walking…

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Bringing a 500 year old wrestling system back to life

Posted on by devonboorman

A few weeks ago I was in Eugene, Oregon teaching a seminar at the Northwest Fencing Academy. The day after the seminar I got together with school director Sean Hayes and his senior student Mark Kruger to work with them a bit on an historical intepretation project of a 1537 wrestling manual written by a German named Fabian von Auerswald.…

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“Yeah, but when will I use fencing in real life?”

Posted on by clintfernandes

Brilliant stuff today, great for the novice and experienced fencer alike.Occasionally, when I talk to someone about fencing the conversation turns to applicability outside the salle. "It's just good for killing people with a sword. What are you going to do when you don't have your sword?"There's so much wrong with that (besides the grammar).We practice a martial art and…

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Out Cold: The Real Danger of Concussions

Posted on by David McCormick

Here's an infographic related to my previous post: Concussions R Bad. Created by, it is sourced from the following: Safety in Training and Reality In class, we avoid striking the head, even when wearing protective gear. To be a good partner, we either move slowly, change the target (do a full speed strike beside the…

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Martial Movement

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Swordplay from the Ground: Movement Last week I covered the essentials of a balance and martial stance.  Now we need to add mobility, without losing the effectiveness of that grounded posture, for the second item in the mounted combat checklist: Demonstrate methods of movement The movements we are looking for are: 1. Advance: take a step forward with the leading…

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