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Bartitsu Video Research

Posted on by David McCormick

  I frequently shared videos with my Bartitsu students through this blog. Personally, I subscribe to a lot of YouTube channels that share techniques and enjoy learning from their video demonstrations. There aren't many Bartitsu instructional videos out there, so I know I will have to start making some. But while you wait for my videos, perhaps you can research…

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Protect Yourself in a Riot

Posted on by David McCormick

What do you do if caught in a tightly packed group of people, some of whom become violent? You may watch the news and see a group of people gathered in a festival who are attacked from the outside, such as the tragedy in Nice on Bastille Day. You may be a peaceful protester who simply wants to demonstrate by…

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Bartitsu Stance

Posted on by David McCormick

In many old boxing books, they claim that the first question students ask is "How shall I stand?" but I've never had a student ask such a question. However, it is the first question to ask yourself when you think a fight is about to start -- whether you have just stepped into a competitive arena, or have been accosted…

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Why Front Headlocks Fail

Posted on by David McCormick

The front headlock is a very common position that occurs in many forms of wrestling. It is so instinctual that many children use it in play fighting without ever having seen it before. Although there are two directions for "chancery" in bare-knuckle boxing, the front headlock is by far the most common. Despite the popularity, it seldom wins. Today, we'll…

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Jujitsu Suffragette Interview

Posted on by David McCormick

The evening world., August 17, 1921, Wall Street Final Edition, Page 3. New York, N.Y. Using Jiu Jitsu on Time and Mashers, Mrs. De Hart Tells How to Master Pests In Three-Minute Hot Weather Interview Woman Who Has Laid Low 40 or 50 So-Called "Men" Proves She Is as Clever and Forceful in Speech as She Is in Using Her…

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Boxing Day!

Posted on by David McCormick

Every day is boxing day for me. It’s just coincidence that in Canada we also celebrate the day after Christmas by the same name. Is it Boxercize? If you’re not taking some punches, hardening your abs for impact, and feeling your fist contacting an opponent (or a heavy bag to simulate one), then you’re doing boxercise, not pugilism. One of…

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Edith Garrud and Jujitsuffragettes

Posted on by devonboorman

Tony Wolf, the author of the two volumes of the Bartitsu Compendium, has also written a related book called Edith Garrud: the Suffragette who knew jujutsu. He is currently developing a work of multimedia fiction inspired by the Suffragette Bodyguard stories. Suffragette Bodyguards This week, Tony's article on the Bartitsu.org website focuses on The Amazons of Edwardian London; martial arts-trained…

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Strike with Vivacity

Posted on by David McCormick

Studying self-defense and combat too often starts with blocks, parries or other methods of intercepting attacks. All of these techniques rely on seeing the opponent attack and choosing the appropriate movement to deal with it. The reactionary stance will keep you moving backward, looking for the next threat, and a victim of the attacker's speed, creativity and strength. Pure Defence…

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Some Bartitsu Websites

Posted on by David McCormick

For my students who would like to do some research and learn more outside of class (and have access to the Internets), here are some sites of note: Forteza Fitness (http://fortezafitness.com/) Tony Wolf's new home with ongoing Bartitsu lessons. The webpage has some great images to show off the various weapons taught and information about joining them. So, it's not…

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Ladies and Safety

Posted on by David McCormick

Another combination of my favourite subjects: stage combat and Edwardian self-defense. To add "...and ladies" would have been very sexist, why would you think I'd say something so rude? Oh yeah, the title of this article. Let me just say at the outset that women tend to be more concerned with personal safety than men because of the long history…

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