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How Noticing Your Students Outside Class Can Make a Profound Difference

Posted on by devonboorman

Canoeing is one of the first physical activities I remember being captured by. I love the water, and there was something powerful and graceful about navigating a craft with a simple flat piece of wood through the chaotic eddies and currents of a river or inlet. This interest may never have taken hold if it hadn’t been for an early…

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Getting the Point to your Opponent

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Swordplay from the Ground: The Four Thrusts of the Sword The knight's sword was not just a cutting weapon.  A well-aimed thrust delivered with the impulsion of a moving horse was a deadly combat technique.  It was also an effective attack from the ground. [caption id="attachment_9818" align="alignright" width="220"] Imbrocatta[/caption] There are four basic types of thrust, defined by the orientation…

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Shoulder to Wrist: three types of cut

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Swordplay from the Ground: Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder Cuts Not only are there eight lines on which to cut, there are three places from which to cut, wrist, shoulder and elbow.  For the Green Spur you are required to demonstrate all three types with the sword in one hand, and wrist and elbow cuts with the sword in two hands.…

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Boxing Day!

Posted on by David McCormick

Every day is boxing day for me. It’s just coincidence that in Canada we also celebrate the day after Christmas by the same name. Is it Boxercize? If you’re not taking some punches, hardening your abs for impact, and feeling your fist contacting an opponent (or a heavy bag to simulate one), then you’re doing boxercise, not pugilism. One of…

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Fight Yourself

Posted on by David McCormick

Victim control. It is an essential element of stage combat, but often misunderstood, and more often performed badly. It means that when there is physical contact between two actors, the apparent victim is in charge. This principle applies to pushes, pulls, grabs, strangulation, hair pulls, and most falls and throws. Tyler Durdan Take a lesson from Fight Club. The movie…

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Cutting down (and up, and across)

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Swordplay from the Ground: The Eight Cuts In the last three posts I've covered posture, movement and turns of the body, with or without a sword in hand.  Now we'll turn our attention to the sword and look at cutting and thrusting in the next few posts, beginning with the eight cutting lines.   Terminology Our terminology is taken from…

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Taking a Turn

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Swordplay from the Ground: Turns of the Body Last week's post on the Mounted Combat Green Spur Curriculum covered moving forward, back and side to side.  This week we're adding turns to menu.  Demonstrate the three turns of the body. 'Volta' is the Italian word for 'turn'.  (Dressage riders will recognize it from 'volte', which is a small circle).  The…

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Martial Movement

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Swordplay from the Ground: Movement Last week I covered the essentials of a balance and martial stance.  Now we need to add mobility, without losing the effectiveness of that grounded posture, for the second item in the mounted combat checklist: Demonstrate methods of movement The movements we are looking for are: 1. Advance: take a step forward with the leading…

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Taking a Stance

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Last week I gave an overview of the Mounted Combat portion of the Green Spur program, which includes Swordplay from the Ground, Swordplay Knowledge and Mounted Swordplay Knowledge.  For the next little while we'll look at each of those checklist items in a bit more detail, starting with Swordplay from the Ground: Stance and Posture  Demonstrate proper stance and posture…

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Practicing forms ‘correctly’

Posted on by clintfernandes

An important insight into practicing forms: how should they be practiced?   Assuming we're doing a form that involves cutting (eg. Marozzo's first assalto of sword and buckler) I recommend the following progression of study:   1) learn the cuts and how to do them smoothly 2) memorize the sequence 3) practice the transitions   Points 1 and 2 are vital:…

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