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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Umbrella

Posted on by David McCormick

During these rainy winter months in Vancouver, we hold monthly workshops in Umbrella self defence. At the turn of the last century, every gentleman carried a walking stick, and every woman carried a parasol. Since we carry our modern umbrellas just as frequently in Vancouver today, it's a great value to learn how they learned to use it as an…

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Training Sword Press

Posted on by Major Wes

Nikolaj Malnač receiving an award from the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence. Now that we’ve all acquired the blades, books and besegew’s that we wanted for Christmas, it’s time to learn new WMA/HEMA techniques – or polish up those we already know.  Given the near-universal access to excellent reference material here-to-fore-seldom seen – its stands to reason that WMA/HEMA salles and…

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Jujitsu Suffragette Interview

Posted on by David McCormick

The evening world., August 17, 1921, Wall Street Final Edition, Page 3. New York, N.Y. Using Jiu Jitsu on Time and Mashers, Mrs. De Hart Tells How to Master Pests In Three-Minute Hot Weather Interview Woman Who Has Laid Low 40 or 50 So-Called "Men" Proves She Is as Clever and Forceful in Speech as She Is in Using Her…

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Getting the Point to your Opponent

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Swordplay from the Ground: The Four Thrusts of the Sword The knight's sword was not just a cutting weapon.  A well-aimed thrust delivered with the impulsion of a moving horse was a deadly combat technique.  It was also an effective attack from the ground. [caption id="attachment_9818" align="alignright" width="220"] Imbrocatta[/caption] There are four basic types of thrust, defined by the orientation…

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Cutting Edge Stage Combat

Posted on by David McCormick

The Paddy Crean Conference in Banff is a week of some of the greatest fight instructors and stunt people teaching an incredible group of enthusiasts. So every two years we get the newest innovations in stage combat and stunt work in one venue. And the food is fantastic. I want to share some of what I learned in the classes…

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Shoulder to Wrist: three types of cut

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Swordplay from the Ground: Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder Cuts Not only are there eight lines on which to cut, there are three places from which to cut, wrist, shoulder and elbow.  For the Green Spur you are required to demonstrate all three types with the sword in one hand, and wrist and elbow cuts with the sword in two hands.…

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Happy 2013!

Posted on by devonboorman

Good Morning and Happy New Year! (sorry, was that too loud?)   Since it is far too soon after last night's indulgences to be practising cutting in a safe and responsible manner, I'll eschew wrist, shoulder and elbow cuts for another week.  Instead, sit back in a comfy chair with the hangover remedy of your choice and consider your goals…

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Boxing Day!

Posted on by David McCormick

Every day is boxing day for me. It’s just coincidence that in Canada we also celebrate the day after Christmas by the same name. Is it Boxercize? If you’re not taking some punches, hardening your abs for impact, and feeling your fist contacting an opponent (or a heavy bag to simulate one), then you’re doing boxercise, not pugilism. One of…

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Cutting down (and up, and across)

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Swordplay from the Ground: The Eight Cuts In the last three posts I've covered posture, movement and turns of the body, with or without a sword in hand.  Now we'll turn our attention to the sword and look at cutting and thrusting in the next few posts, beginning with the eight cutting lines.   Terminology Our terminology is taken from…

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Bringing a 500 year old wrestling system back to life

Posted on by devonboorman

A few weeks ago I was in Eugene, Oregon teaching a seminar at the Northwest Fencing Academy. The day after the seminar I got together with school director Sean Hayes and his senior student Mark Kruger to work with them a bit on an historical intepretation project of a 1537 wrestling manual written by a German named Fabian von Auerswald.…

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