Victorian Shaving for Movember

The month of November is here, and the ritual of growing a mustache to raise funds for testicular cancer and other men’s health issues has been dubbed Movember. Deliberate and sometimes elaborate facial hair was common in Victorian era, so I’m sure Bartitsu enthusiasts are keen to learn more.

Mustache Goals

If you’re participating in Movember, the rules state that you must register at the start of the month clean-shaven. Many participants will grow overall facial hair, even to a full beard, then shave off non-mustache areas at the end. Cowards. What they’re saying is they’re afraid of being ridiculed either for their mustache shape, or what it looks like as it grows in. If you’re doing something for cancer, the social stigma is part of the process.

But I’ll leave the ridicule to professionals: 10 Mustache Styles That Must Be Stopped

The Trustworthiness of Beards: So pick a mustache style up front, and ignore the ridicule: Wondermark’s Six Facial Hair Taxonomies will give you a good overview, inspiration and background.

Facial Hair Facts

Oh, you want more history, with just as much wit? I can say it no better than this infographic: PhD in Facial Hair.

Shaving Equipment and Skills

And when it comes to shaving, shaping and maintaining your facial hair, the Art of Manliness is an invaluable resource. These articles are excellent, short, and useful:

Grow Your Mo

Visit the Canadian Movember website for more.


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