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Rats – We’re apparently recycling titles as well as press items now!While Canada has a day of rest and recreation for the ‘(Queen) Victoria Day” federal holiday, WMA enthusiasts might be more au fey with respecting the 102nd anniversary of the passing of Captain Alfred Hutton – late of the King Dragoon Guards and possibly the father of the fist revival of English historical fencing during … Victorian times. – onto what should be a cornucopia of press items related to swords and fencing during the reign of Queen Victoria.

‘Should be’.

There isn’t any though.

We now return you to your regular programming.


Private Swords versus Public Perceptions – Public Wins


Just a reminder to all: when moving your fighting kit; be it to class, a demo or a point of sale; discretion combined with proper deportment can save you a bunch of grief with your local public and our badged authorities.  Make it easy on yourself – and them – wrap your weapons; have a valid reason for moving them in the public venue – and act accordingly.


THE PRESS (York, UK) 19 May 12  Woman in sword alert

A woman who was carrying a fake sword wrapped in cloth was stopped by police after a concerned citizen told police that she was concealing a weapon.

Police said the woman had the relevant paperwork and was using the sword replica for work purposes.  Police then drove the sword bearer to her work site to prevent any further “cause for concern”. 


MELTON TIMES (UK) 07 March 12  Sword scare is a false alarm

A report of a man carrying a sword in Melton Country Park turned out to be a false alarm.  It turned out that the man had an imitation ceremonial sword, which it’s understood he uses as part of his tai chi ritual.


048 (Odessa, Ukraine) 10 May 12  Судьба одесского реконструктора Ростислава Мирошниченко решится в конце мая

We’ve posted a lot of items from Russia and the Ukraine, showing what is demonstrably great public interest in historical swordplay.

But there too – the improper (or perceived improper) transport of swords is treated very similarly to here at home.

Ukrainian WMA competition winner and student Rostislav Miroshnichenko was detained by city police authorities while dressed in full armour and with a fake knife during a historical recreation.

The long article details the legal situation and the subsequent social and legal actions of Miroshnichenko and his supporters.


W-a-y too pretty for Passes from Prima!


THE TELEGRAPH (London, UK) 14 May 12  The Noble Art of the Sword, The Wallace Collection, London, review: when men were dressed to kill (Richard Dorment)

A Wallace Collection trustee’s review of their ‘Fashion and Fencing in Renaissance Europe’ exhibition which demonstrates that the must-have fashion accessory for the ‘haute’ Renaissance gentleman was some silver and silk instrument of bloody murder!

If photo number two is not enough to get you to at least get a hold of the catalogue {and who would have thought that the Germans would ever out-do the French or Italians in ‘prettiness’?} – Mr Dorment’s educational and romantic description of the rapier’s life and times should do for the serious journal reader what ‘The Hunger Games’ is doing for archery {OK, maybe I exaggerate … a bit.  He’s still and excellent read}

QOTD:  “But first, a crash course in killing.”


When ‘Keeping it in your Pants’ is NOT a Good Thing!


WMUR (Manchester, New Hampshire) 18 May 12 NH archaeologist’s Civil War-era sword recovered after theft

A stolen $4,000 U.S. Civil War sword that was carried through the meat grinders of Shiloh and Gettysburg has been recovered by police.

The blade had been stolen from an antique shop by a man who slipped the weapon down his pants while his two female companions distracted store staff.

{Comment:  Document, document, document – photos of everything, identifying marks – if historically appropriate – on everything!  Secure or ‘actively guard’ all your kit during classes, demos and bouts.}


Fencing in modern history


AL-ARABIYA (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) 19 May 12  Formerly banned fencing makes a comeback in Libya (Noora Faraj)

Fencing is making a comeback in Libya, after it was banned along with other sports deemed as violent during Qaddafi’s reign.