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Multi-discipline.  In HEMA/WMA that could be the swordfighter that can properly use rapier ‘and’ side sword, wrestles well, and knows what end of a pole arm to use where.  Add the ability to ride a horse, to dance well and to hit what your bow is aiming at … and you might have a multi-discipline historical fighter.

But multi-disciple within our Art could refer to something else as well.  As students of historically authentic weapons and techniques, we should at least take great interest in, if not actually cherish every medieval or renaissance weapon that is ‘rediscovered’ in some burial mound, battlefield cache, forgotten museum archive, castle corner or our own attic.

In our efforts to better and fully understand how some newly uncovered blade was actually used; HEMA/WMA ‘scholars’ should know where to find a medieval-language or foreign language specialist to help us ‘translate’ historical texts dealing those weapons.  We should all know an actual metal-smith, leather worker and a tailor to help us determine what was in the realm of the probable and possible of historical arms and armour creation.  Our list should include the number of a good archaeologist and a museum curator to instruct us about the discovered weapons’ place in history … and maybe to permit access to view and even handle the brother-blades that the new discovery fought with or against.  Last, we need the knowledge of competent Masters-at-Arms and of experienced peers with whom to discuss and practice our learning and theories together.  The aim of all this study is to create and capture that moment when we as scholars try some practical exercises with a new blade style or printed example …  and finally determine; “that move feels about right”.  Here, you try it … come at me!

Hacking Helms in Herford.

NEUE WESTFÄLISCHE (Herford, Germany) 30 July 13  Vom Hauen und Stechen (Ralf Bittner)

Christian Bott and his staff within the Krifon Academy of Historical Fencing are working hard to ensure that the men and women of Germany can practice Liechtennauers’ 14th Century swordplay.

Aside from the obvious fitness aspects of full contact fencing; instructor Hermann Kloos believes that sword fighting is a both a social and a character building exercise.

Of note, Krifon is in serious study of how better to develop ‘sparring armour’, believing that most of what we use are good protection against thrusts, but still need work when it comes to fully protecting our arms against four pounds of metal concentrated at speed on an inch or two of exposed forearm!

Them’s Fighting Words

ЭХО / ECHO (Odessa, Ukraine) 09August 13  В Белгороде-Днестровском рыцари крестят свои мечи

In the Ukraine, the Belgorod-Dniester Knights have just finished participating in the 9th  “Commonwealth Cup” International Championship of historical fencing.

Of interest, the director of the ‘Steel League’ of fighting groups mentioned that this years’ foreign-contingents were from Russia, Moldova, Belarus, and Israel (mostly Russian expatriates) – and that “Poland, Hungary and Western nations are not ready for the tough style of fighting” that is conducted in this event.

Editor Comment:  Yes, that should work … tell the Poles that they’re not up to a fight against Russians!

Poly Chlorinated Biphenyl versus ‘copper’

СЕГОДНЯ / TODAY (Kiev, Ukraine) 09 August 13  В Донецке милиция отобрала у ролевика пластиковый меч и грозит крупным штрафом (Ткаченко Яна)

Our peers in the Ukraine suffer many of the same problems that we do when we elect to train in a public venue … the municipal authorities tend to take a dim view of healthy young people with ‘weaponry’ in public parks.

Dmitry Chistyakov of Donetsk was practising with his PCB-bladed swords when he was arrested, charged with illegal handling of weapons and threatened with three years in prison.  The charges were later dropped, however the city is now wrestling (in a legal, not medieval format) with the question of ‘are dull edged, round-tipped plastic swords really weapons?’


POST-INTELLIGENCER (Seattle, Washington) 29 July 13 DHS returns stolen Saddam Hussein sword to Iraq (Alicia A. Caldwell)

Sold at auction for $15K in the USA, the gold-laden sword taken from ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s office was seized by authorities and returned to Iraq – on the grounds that “the sword was a gift to Hussein, is not a modern battlefield weapon and could not be considered a war trophy”.

GLOBAL PRESS (Beijing, China) August 13  Mold for “twin” ring pommel sword unearthed in western Japan

Last, We love the 21st Century.  Multi-discipline example: A Chinese press item, written in English, about a sword in Japan!  Good sword-related information can be found most anywhere!

Japanese language video … pretty pictures … here.