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One might think after watching Our peers file, buff, wax and polish their blades after an evening of training, that our swords were delicate and gossamer twigs capable of dissolving into mist if not cared for and fussed over daily. 

But history consistently proves that swords survive battle, weather, submersion, burial and the passage of time.  And once discovered again – as rusty and pitted as they are – historical blades still retain the respect, romance and wonder of those who appreciate such things.

Thank Goibhnui for old school, medieval sword-smith quality!

History in Modern Times

DAILY TELEGRAPH (London, UK) 17 April 13  Mourning sword in Thatcher ceremony was last used at Churchill’s funeral (Sam Marsden)

The Lord Mayor of London led the Queen into St Paul’s Cathedral carrying a ceremonial, 4 foot 2 inch (127 cm) blade, though We don’t quite understand what ‘guard’ he was in at the time (‘kron’ maybe?).  It was nice to see a historical sword used for good purposes in modern times; though the Lord Mayor’s understanding of his ‘measure’ is apparently off a bit!

History in Modern Times II

LA CROIX (Paris, France) 12 April 13  Près de Troyes, une nécropole exceptionnelle de guerriers gaulois (Denis Sergent)

The grave goods of five Gaul warriors and their women are increasing our knowledge of what iron-age life was like.  Amongst the finds was a 28 inch (70 cm) sword and scabbard.

Happy birthday!  Would you like a slice?

КУРЬЕР-МЕДИА (St Petersburg, Russia) 18 March 13  Фехтовальная весна на берегах Невы

The St Petersburg Fencing Club celebrated its eighth anniversary students and like-minded groups over for  a public display of 17th C Polish sabre combat, 18th C small-sword fencing, knife-fighting classes and a display on ‘fencing as depicted in art’.  The ‘who’s who’ of attendees to this event reflects the organisations’ position within the city’s cultural and historical cultures and is a distinct and inarguable confirmation that they are bringing together all people interested in fencing, regardless of their disciplines.


Fun with History, to say nothing about ‘the Facts’

KHQ6 (Spokane, Washington) 16 April 13  Surprising Discovery In The Streets Of Spokane! (Alex Rozier)

A light-hearted piece about one man’s perception of a found-sword’s place (and his own) in modern culture.

“Basically, I have found one of the greatest swords ever made in history,” Katzele said.