Redeeming Sword Press: News for July 2015

Wes Bum BigThis was going to be the “fashion issue”… but then I found the item of the month.

Most martial arts salles or groups have a written or implied code of conduct by which instructors and students agree to be a better person… physically, morally, and ethically.  Some groups have a youth program, in which young people may be introduced for the first time to concepts of personal honour, compassion and respect for others… which can often result in not only a good martial artist, but also a good citizen who just happens to be one.

A Russian swordplay group has taken this idea to the next level — it is actively seeking out young people in trouble, and offering to support them if they are ready to consider a truly different and socially-responsible lifestyle option.

Cool Job with Cold Steel

CJAD. (Montréal, Québec).  “Modern-day medieval combat.” 25 June 15.

A radio interview with Quebecer Bénédicte Robitaille, the gold medal winner for women’s longsword during the recent international Medieval Combat World Championships.

Dress for Success

THE TELEGRAPH. (London, UK).  “The lost art of fighting like a Medieval man.” 03 July 15.

A wonderful look at the medieval swordplay art as taught by Tallhoffer — with the added bonus of including useful fashion hints for the 1450s fighting man:

“Tallhoffer is all about movement. His protagonists twist, wriggle, grapple, lever, and bend their bodies in every unexpected way imaginable.”

An Education in “Cool”

DAILY NEWS OF NEWBURYPORT. (Massachusetts).  “Slicing through history: ‘Swords Through the Ages’ to come to Georgetown next week.” 02 July 15.

The Association for Renaissance & Medieval Swordsmanship at the University of Massachusetts hosted a unique presentation on sword history, featuring Western types and techniques:

“Swords are cool.… You see ‘Star Wars’ and want a lightsaber. ‘The Princess Bride,’ what do people remember? The sword fight.”

Second Chance Swordplay

НОВОСТИ КОПЕЙСКА. (Kopeysk, Russia).  “В Копейске осужденные примерили средневековые доспехи.”  18 June 15.

The 300-member Chelyabinsk reconstruction group “Bern” have taken their swordplay interest to a penal colony — with the intent of offering those incarcerated there some moral and tangible support if they want to take a different approach to life when they get out.

Tartar Tournament

РЕСПУБЛИКИ ТАТАРСТАН. (Kazan, Russia).  “Магия древнего мира.” 19 June 2015.

Fighters from 30 different Russian, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Israeli groups will meet in picturesque… Tartarstan… to sort swordplay bragging rights during the historical recreation festival “Great Bulgar”.  14,000 people will gather to watch the tournament!

Small Country, Big Plans.

IDNES. (Prague, Czech Republic).  “Středověká řežba je sportovní fenomén. O víkendu bude v Malenovicích.” 12 June 15.

IDNES. (Prague, Czech Republic).   “Vracíme do šermu středověkou brutalitu, říká novodobý rytíř.” 02 April 15.

These two items go into detail regarding fifty Czech fighters who have become a power with which to be reckoned in a ten-year old sport called “Historical Medieval Battles”… the crown of which is the annual Battle of the Nations meeting.

National pride, training, equipment, tactics & techniques, budgets and head shots are all described in detail… and I’m still not sure if it is the intent of the journalist to motivate us to don armour or to run as fast as possible away from the recruiting tent!