Shooting an instructional Rapier DVD

So yesterday we embarked on the adventure of shooting our first
instructional rapier DVD. And I can proudly report that we're at least
60% through principal photography and only about 8 hours behind
schedule! 🙂 It was actually a fun and successful day, though as with
many things you often find yourself at the end of the day a little
more knowledgeable and a little further off where you had planned to
end up.


The DVD when completed will bring a viewer through the foundational
elements of the rapier, give them exercises that they could use to
practice at home and with a partner (particularly relevant to people
who live in places that do not have a developed school), and get them
on the path for further learning. Hopefully the basis we provide will
allow them to make use of accessible historical manuals and online
resources such as our own beta Duello Learning channelto learn more.


We have another shooting day to go and then a hell of a lot of editing
but I'm optimistic we're on track to have something for the beginning
of March! Wish us luck!


Thanks to our team of actors, instructors, and helpers that includes
Jennifer, Heather, Greg, Kimmie, Clint, and our filmmaker Jordan! The
gallery of photos shows some of the transformation that the studio
went through today to prep it for good quality filming and a little
view of some well needed mid-day R&R and sustenance.

Photo_2012-01-31_1_15_13_pm Photo_2012-01-31_9_45_38_am Photo_2012-01-31_9_45_41_am Photo_2012-01-31_9_45_59_am Photo_2012-01-31_1_15_01_pm Photo_2012-01-31_1_16_09_pm

Having joined Academie Duello in 2004, Clinton achieved his Provost rank in August of 2015. He's been teaching since 2008. Clinton's expertise centers around Italian rapier, longsword and sidesword.
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