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While We were skating the internet for the appropriate subject-relevant press items, We got to musing … why doesn’t somebody just collect (loot) all of these references and make a newspaper already?  A newspaper … with real sections … like this …


The Sword Press News Expositor Reporter Times (Gloucester, Ontario) 08 October 12



SLATE (New York, New York) 02 October 12  Sword Fight on a Hong Kong Rooftop (Cooper Moo)

Neal Stephenson, Tinker Pearce and Angus Trim make honourable mention is this author’s tale of how he came to ‘realistic’ WMA/HEMA swordplay by fighting a Chinese master on a roof in a foreign city … with an interesting time constraint.

“Yes,” he confirmed. “We should fight. It’s getting dark, and security is coming.”




WEST CARLETON EMC (Ontario) 27 September 12  Primitive archery a modern pastime in Fitzroy (David Johnston)

The desire to use replica weapons with ‘authentic’ feel is not restricted to swordplay devotees.  Paul Laframboise handcrafts primitive archery bows and arrows using traditional methods.

"Today's bows are just stamped out mechanical devices that fire arrows," he says. "There is no character in something a machine made."



DAILY MAIL (London, UK) 05 October 12  It’s no picnic putting the BBC’s Merlin together, as David Wigg discovered when he met the stars on set in the soggy Welsh countryside

Rain.  Armour.  That is all.



NORTH COUNTY TIMES (San Diego, California) 22 September 12  Viking Festival returns to Vista next weekend.

The centerpiece of the Viking Festival is the sporting contest, which includes axe-throwing, caber-tossing (a caber looks like a section of telephone pole), a battle-cry contest, horn-blowing competition and … fish-flinging .



HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (Los Angeles, California) NYFF 2012: Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal, Robin Wright Spill Secrets About the Making of 'Princess Bride' (Ashley Lee)

“If you've been known to shout "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die," then this is for you.”

If you’ve been known to shout “Merck, das ist die erst lere des langes schwertz; as du die hew von bayden sytten recht solt lernen hawen, ist, das du annders starck und gerecht fechten wilt!”, you really have to get out of the salle a bit more!



WIRED (New York, New York) 27 September 12 Middle-Earth Day Saturday at Higgins Armory (Ethan Gilsdorf)

Aside from their invitation to bring your young duelist downtown to ‘open an Orc’ under controlled circumstances; the art-deco housed Higgins Armory Museum deserves your own professional attention as it is “the only dedicated museum of armor in the Western hemisphere, housing one of the few significant collections of knightly armor outside of Europe.”

The crown jewels are two dozen full suits of armor, in addition to swords, staff weapons, and artwork from the age of knightly armor.



PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (New York, New York) 05 October 12  4 Crazy Book Research Tactics (Jeri Westerson)

What is a pudgy middle-aged woman doing swinging a sword around? Well, I write a medieval mystery series with an ex-knight turned detective … it seemed inevitable that I would have to learn firsthand about the weapons.

“Of course, then I had to find a way to get rid of the body.

So we ate him”.



NEW YORK TIMES (New York) 04 October 12  Dressed to Kill, From Head to Toe

“But the most unusual item, a moon-rock-looking chunk of stone that may have been lobbed by a 13th-century catapult into a Crusader fort, is not armor at all but, rather, proof of why wearing a helmet was such a good idea back then.”



ASIAN AGE (New Delhi, India) 27 September 12 Chicken served on a Sword

Tang Talwar Dilkash, a chicken delicacy is first marinated with herbs and species, cooked in a clay oven and then jabbed with a sword. Later, the pieces are doused with alcohol (vodka, rum or brandy) and set ablaze.

Yumm.  Sword – brandy – fire … what could possibly go wrong?



DENÍK (Prague, Czech Republic)  09 September 12  Společenství severských pánů šermířů hledá nové členy (Anna Dohnalová)

The Czech ‘Northern Lords Community’ or ‘SSP’ is out beating the bushes – or perhaps each other – looking for recruits while demonstrating the historical fencing art to a receptive community.  This year, their concentration is on their youth program, the highlight of which is a week of chivalric swordplay and lessons within Castle Helfštýn.

The SSP have a castle to train in.  A real castle!!

Our life is so-o-o unfair!