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Notwithstanding the number of snippets We offer up, it’s another quiet week on the HEMA/WMA front.  The one item of potential interest is so, not so much for its’ discussion of the science as much as it is for its' nod to swordplay being a potential ‘family event’.  Most of us have read something in the past about families as a group taking part in one of the eastern martial arts, but to the best of my knowledge, this is Our first in-press reference to family-sword-play in a HEMA/WMA venue.


The Family that Swordplays together ….

SOUTHERN DAILY ECHO (Southampton, UK) 17 November 13  Knights in shining armour battle on Southampton Common

Adding a new piquancy to ‘family game night’, the Beech family of Southampton get out weekly to smack each other –and assorted friends in the Historia Normannis 12th-century re-enactment group – with swords, axes and arrows.

“Not many dads can say they have their entire family coming for him in full combat gear at the weekend but it’s all good fun”.

The Family that Loose-s together ….

NEWS & OBSERVER (Raleigh, N Carolina) 23 November 13  Crafting longbows for a living (Jim Lasley)

Master bow maker Mike Ballenger has crafted over 800 longbows for customers all over the world.  And during his extensive experience participating in archery events, he’s of a firm opinion about the utility of the sport of archery for family-time bonding:

““Archery is very family oriented,” he said. “Quite a few parents want their children to have a good bow – one that will last. You don’t see kids playing with cell phones at an archery tournament … “People go to tournaments to relax and have fun. You see more and more families enjoying the sport.”

Kids (that are part of a Family) that Swordplay together …. And ‘yes’, We’re reaching here …

NEUEN WESTFÄLISCHEN (Bielefeld, Germany) 14 November 13  Unterricht mit Schwert und Kettenhemd

IGotARockAnd in Germany, young people in grades 5-7 can get academic credit for … swordfighting!

Comment:  Where were these classes when We were young?

We had to use a stick!  Maybe a rock.



We're here to kill our friends”  There’s nothing We can do to improve that title!

And, while we’re talking about swords …

Please, don’t encourage them!


Looking for a Yuletide present for that special sparring partner?  The million-dollar stocking stuffer!

A sword has a lot of meanings, but mainly it symbolizes peace and friendship, justice. So to offer a sword is truly a token of fidelity and gratitude.”