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We’re always fascinated by the variety and complexity of the different styles and techniques of historical swordplay that are being rediscovered and explored by our HEMA/WEMA peers.
But a part too long neglected, is what happens when two historically-compatable but regionally separate styles meet?
Let’s take the year 1550 as an example … 
An elder soldier deep into his cups (never happens) reels from the tavern and bumps into some effete merchant in the street … bastard sword and rapier meet!
A Spanish merchant on tour bumps into a Arab noble in a crowded street in Damascus … rapier and scimitar meet!
During the Siege of Malta, the knights and their schiavona cross with Ottoman kılıç.
When fighting dis-similar weapons. How does one proceed?
Attack first, make him (her?) react to you? And possibly come up against a move, parry and sword blade strength that you’ve not encountered before?
What guard do you take?
Do you try to ‘gain the blade’ of a weapon heavier and longer than yours?
Inquiring minds want to know!

Arr laddie, ever been to see … swordplay?
ANNAPOLIS COUNTY SPECTATOR (Middleton, Nova Scotia) 05 March 14 Welcome to Knight School, Digby style (Karla Kelly)
Nova Scotia – home of fiddle music, lobster fisherman and some impressive swordplay!
David Cvet, founder and president of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts is bring medieval-era HEMA/WMA to Nova Scotia … home of participants in recent medieval martial arts documentaries as well as the recent Battle of Bannockburn 1314 film project.
“The goal of AEMMA is to achieve a state which would be consistent with that of a mediaeval combatant in both technology and ideal,” he said.
Cvet said this discipline encourages compassion, understanding, sportsmanship and respect, where students develop a good rapport for each other as they develop their skills in the areas of unarmoured and armoured combat.
“This is a physical fighting art form and there is no pretending,” Amirault said.

A Sister in Arms … no, really!
PERHAM FOCUS (Minnesota) 06 March 14 Going medieval: Slashing stereotypes about women in armored combat (Elizabeth Huwe)
Sandra Lagnese does not want a gentleman to hold the door open for her … she wants him to defend himself … from her!
Ms Lagnese will compete at the American Armored Combat League’s National Tournament in Springfield, Illinois later this month … a stepping stone to making the USA team for the Battle of the Nations.
“I jumped in feet first,” she said. “The idea of being a first-year woman fighting for full-contact steel combat and competing for the chance to be able to represent my country at the international competition is just too special of an opportunity to let pass by.”
Sandra gets most of her armor custom-made by armorers, or she makes it herself at a friend’s shop.
“One thing that women run into is that you cannot just buy armor off the shelf, since it will most likely be too big and not fit,” she said. ( Armour too big? How … original.)

Brothers in Arms, … no, really!
NEWHAM RECORDER (UK) 06 March 14 Beckton Brothers in arms seize medieval fighting title (Adam Barnett)
Jevgenij and Aleksej Olechnovic, known as The Beckton Brothers, were chosen to represent Britain at this year’s Battle Heritage GB, Rise Of The Knights tournament.
“It is dangerous, but we do look after each other. We only use very professional armour.

The Never-ending Debate
JAPAN TIMES (Tokyo)17 February 14 Knights vs. samurai: It’s the ultimate crossing of swords (Jun Hongo)
日経 (Tokyo, Japan) 09 March 14 騎士vs武士、甲冑まといバトル 新格闘技上陸
West vs EastThe Japan Armored Battle League, conducted its first event last month, and featured fighters in feudal-era (1185-1573/1600) samurai armor, wielding swords against opponents fully-equipped as 15th-century European knights.
“When it comes to discussing sword fighting, it’s almost inevitable that someone will suggest a battle between samurai and knights — possibly the most famous of noble warriors. It’s one of those random questions you sometimes see posted on website forums such as Yahoo answers, where someone might write: “The katana samurai sword is the best fighting sword in history.” Only to quickly receive the response, “Against a knight in steel-plate armor, though, it would be useless.””
And our HEMA/WMA enthusiast Quote of the Week?
“I am perpetually injured” … “because it’s fun!”

Sword of Honour.
DEFENSE VIDEO & IMAGERY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (Atlanta, Georgia) 10 March 14 Square knot’s secret revealed in Air National Guard ceremonial sword (Master Sgt. Michael Smith)
A $200 hand-made aluminium, ceremonial sword symbolizes the Air National Guard enlisted corps’ top honor – The Order of the Sword – given to leaders of great influence.
Something so simple and elegant, so inexpensive, has come to mean something so important to so many.


- So, you’re in a friendly swordplay bout … how do you decide the winner of your duel?
First hit?
Three hits?
Decapitation … and three hits?

- A new swordsman playing 20 Questions … in half the time.

- “She has a lust for thrusting”!!
Nope … can’t touch that line!
Just go here.