Friday Clinics at Red Colt

Once more we are offering a variety of special clinics related to the Mounted Combat Program at Red Colt throughout the summer.  Clinics start up this Friday June 12th and continue through August with a variety of instructors and topics, from 6:00pm - 7:30pm each week.  Some classes may run a half hour longer if there are more than four participants.  Each clinic is $60, or you can book four sessions for $180 -- a fabulous four for the price of three deal!

Friday Clinics

Mounted Combat WorkshopFridays, 12 Jun - 21 Aug
6:00pm - 7:30pm (may run longer)
Red Colt Equestrian Farm Co-op, 12320 No 2 Road, Richmond
cost: $60 each, or $180 for four

12 June - Mounted Combat Movement
Instructor: Jennifer Landels
Prerequisite: Riding Level 1 or equivalent

To fight effectively from horseback a rider must be able to control her horse smoothly and efficiently with the legs and seat, with minimal input from the single hand on the reins.  In this one and a half hour session riders will work on the mechanics of riding for Mounted Combat, with and without sword in hand. The clinic is suitable for most levels of riders -- beginners will work on simple one-handed reining, turns and basic leg yields, while more experienced riders will work towards developing engagement, collection, advanced turns and lateral work.DevonJennMCtackle

19 June - Mounted Sparring
Instructor: Devon Boorman
Prerequisite: Green Spur or permission from instructor

Engage in drills to improve your technique and accuracy, then take those skills to slow work and full speed mounted longsword sparring under the guidance of our Maestro d'Armi, Devon Boorman.  Up your game for Carosella 2015!

26 June - Mounted Games
Instructor: Kate Landels
Prerequisite: Riding Level 1 or equivalent

Work on speed and accuracy with Prince Phillip Games Master-level rider Kate Landels.  In this one and a half hour session you will learn tricks of the trade for better pickups, hand-offs, targeting, mounting and dismounting, and will also have a chance to practise the mounted games featured in our playdays and tournaments.K&G flag

Kate Landels has been riding mounted games since 2009 and has represented the BC Lower Mainland twice in the Prince Philip Games National Masters championships, bringing home the trophy in 2012.

3 July - Prix Fiore
Instructor: Jennifer Landels
Prerequisite: Riding Level 1 or equivalent

Prix Fiore is a riding test that includes jumps and sword work.  Keep an eye out for more Prix Fiore workshops this summer to practise your drill manoeuvres.In this one and a half hour clinic riders will practise pas-de-deux and quadrille dressage movements along with tandem jumps and choreographed sword work.  For more information on Duello's proprietary Prix Fiore discipline see this post from last year.

10 July - Cross Country
Instructor: Jennifer Landels
Prerequisite: Riding Level 2 or equivalent

Take your riding from the confines of the arena to the exhilaration of the open field.  Work on your pace and galloping position to a variety of cross country jumps, just as Xenophon recommended!new jump

17 July - Dressage for Mounted Combat
Instructor: Stephanie Laversin
Prerequisite: Riding Level 1 or equivalent

Dressage is the basis of all riding, and Mounted Combat is no exception.  In this one and a half hour session, coach Stephanie Laversin, head of Fraser Valley Mounted Combat, will help you hone your half-halts, achieve better bend, and sharpen your lateral work with an eye to the movements most useful for combat.

24 July - Introduction to Classical Riding
SherryInstructors: Sherry Leväaho
Prerequisite: Riding Level 1 or equivalent

The first of two clinics with Sherry Leväaho of Leväaho Classical Horsemanship.  Details to come!

Horse Day Congrats

Congratulations to our riders in last weekend's Mounted Combat Playday, in conjunction with Horse Day in Canada.  We ran six mounted games plus two rounds of horseback archery in the gorgeous sunshine.  In the masters' division (1) tie: Isabel Landels on Princess and Eleanor Landels on Flavie (3) Kate Landels (on every horse).  In the novice division (1) Chris Richardson on Winnie (2) Karissa King on Chicco, (3) Hana Thio on Flavie.

Huge thanks to Ben who came out to be our volunteer timekeeper and equipment setter, as well as to Karissa who assisted with Intro in the morning and put in 10 full hours on the ground and on horseback throughout the day.

The next playday is scheduled for Sunday August 2nd.  See you there!

Jennifer Landels heads up Academie Duello's Cavaliere Program. She has been swordfighting since 2008, and riding since before she could walk. She started the program as an excuse to combine those passions.
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