Martial Arts Students in a Line

Failure and the Journey of Success

This past Friday, Academie Duello held a rank exam with 14 students across both adult and youth programs examining for Scholar and Free Scholar levels. We had a tremendously full house with somewhere between 60 and 70 fighters on the floor and dozens of observers. Exams are challenging affairs and we are not afraid to put…

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Follow Through

This week, I am left speechless. We have three items that could spawn entire essays because there’s so much to exclaim about each one. Instead, kindly read each and think about the implications. Yes! Taking away the fear of punching girls in training. Nope! Selfie-sticks as self-defence weapons? Double yes! Rank examinations were…

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Silver Cord Provost Examination Results

This weekend was a momentous event for Academie Duello: our first Silver Cord (aka Provost) examination. A provost is one step below Maestro/Master and it represents an enormous achievement. Provosts are expected to demonstrate a high level of effectiveness within the school’s system, a demonstrable and defensible understanding of the school's pedagogy and theoretical approach,…

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