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Pigeonholed Sword Press: News for February 2016

Posted on by Major Wes

[caption id="attachment_16374" align="alignright" width="300"] Bob Brooks -- President of the British Federation of Historical Swordplay[/caption] Let’s see now; what is "proper" historical swordplay? There are many definitions: Swordplay as it is strictly interpreted from a specific fightbook. The swordplay (tempered with safety concerns) employed by the SCA in their efforts to accurately recreate an overall (family-friendly) "feel" of being in the Medieval or Renaissance…

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Book Review: “Brief Instructions Upon my Paradoxes of Defence – Scholler’s Edition” by Eaton (ed)

Posted on by Major Wes

[caption id="attachment_14720" align="alignright" width="300"] Two English Civil War Swords[/caption] The work that George Silver was best known for was his 1599 Paradoxes of Defence, in which he conducts a vehement denunciation of the Italian teaching of the civilian dueling rapier within his England and its subsequent use by a heretofore doughty race of backsword wielders.  Paradoxes was not so much…

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Sociable Sword Press: News for April 2015

Posted on by Major Wes

"It's everyone from everywhere in one place." --Bruno Ramos, Knight's Blade HEMA Fresh from flying home from VISS at the end of last month, the statement above really resonated with my experiences with the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium, and with my modest exposure to HEMA events internationally. Peers from all over the world fly across continents in 21st century technology to…

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Ready for Prime Time Sword Press: News for Mar 6th 2015

Posted on by Major Wes

Fifteen years ago we would have been hard pressed to read about swordplay in any newspaper – and the only reference to the art on television would have been clips of sword fighting (of a sort) from that year's 'sword and sandals' blockbuster. Nowadays, swordplay events, educational initiatives and salle training are ‘normal’ fare for North American press. There seems…

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Beginner’s Courses February 2015

Posted on by Eduardo de la Mata

As of the new year, we have a new schedule for the next round of beginner's courses! Prepare for swinging swords and pulling punches. We offer three different courses which cover three separate avenues of Western Martial Arts. Bartitsu is a complex martial art with many interlocking skills. Our four-week Fight Like Sherlock Holmes course gives students an in-depth introduction into the fundamentals of this…

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Archery Continues to be Big News in Vancouver

Posted on by devonboorman

The Province Newspaper features a half page article today about Archery that mentions a lot of different people with the last name Boorman. Interestingly I do have a distant relation to the Boorman's who run the archery store in New Westminster and certainly some shared passion for traditional martial arts. I'm really glad to see Archery's rise in the media…

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A peek inside the world of two Duello instructors

Posted on by devonboorman

A couple of our instructors have been highlighted online in the last week, though in two quite different forums. Jennifer Landels was asked by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward to do some writing about herself to accompany a beautiful photograph he took of her around the time of the Shakespeare's Rebel event. It's gracefully written and gives you a bit of an insight…

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Briefed and Monte Cristo cover Duello

Posted on by devonboorman

Some cool spots about Academie Duello showed up in a couple publications in the last two weeks. Patrick von Stolk of an online men's magazine focusing on the Vancouver area came in and tried out Warrior Fundamentals last week. Briefed is beginning a new series of articles on fitness in the Vancouver area that's different than your average gym…

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A Great Canada Day Weekend of Swordplay and Fun

Posted on by devonboorman

(Photo from 24 Hours cover - Carmine Marinelli) The last few days have been a whirlwind for Academie Duello. Here are a few things you may have missed! Vancouver Courier Article We were in the Vancouver courier last week in an article about Knight Camp and other cool summer camps going on in Vancouver. Be sure to check out their…

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Mediterranean Sword Press

Posted on by Major Wes

When one thinks of gladiators; the medieval chivalric inspirations of hope, faith and charity; and renaissance Italian swordplay; one just knows that you’re contemplating combat of some style as practiced in … Malta! Discuss, Demonstrate, Drill. GOZO NEWS (Malta) 12 June 13  Public Lecture on the use of swords from 14th-19th century Last week, Prevosto Andrei Xuereb, one of the…

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