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Lateral Thinking: the Leg Yield

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Riding Level 4: the Leg Yield Item 6 of the Level 4 checklist seems quite full: 6.  Turns, circles.  Trot, canter.  Knowledge of canter leads.  Leg yield at trot. However, you already know your turns, circles and canter leads, which you can review in previous posts.  At this level, we will be looking for accurate geometry, balance, and control.  We…

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Bow to Authority! Seek Professionals to Maximise Success

Posted on by Jon Mills

I am not someone who defers to authority easily, but often the difference between success and failure can be our willingness to trust a professional. We waste a lot of time and a lot of headspace on self-teaching. This is an important and valid part of any process, but most people delay, hinder, or even sabotage their goals just by…

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Our Furry Valentines

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Happy Valentine's Day, from some of our favourite kissable faces.  Photos taken at Red Colt Co-op  by Double Exposure Photography (aka Is & El). A reminder that there is no swordplay at the barn this weekend due to VISS. However, Riding & Horsemanship classes are on!   Upcoming Classes NEW! Ongoing Mounted Combat Skills Beginning in February, weekly Mounted Combat…

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Focus on Disaster: How to Use Impending Doom to Set Training Goals.

Posted on by Jon Mills

Functional training is all the rage but how often do we actually question whether our training is, in fact, functional? Not “Functional™” but functional. Could you lift a log, climb a rope, throw a punch, carry a wounded person or wrestle an assailant to the ground if you needed to do those things in a life or death situation? Chances are…

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Changing behaviors: Shape Your Environment to Guarantee Success

Posted on by Jon Mills

Plants grow because the environment is right. Often a seed will sit waiting inert in the ground until the conditions are perfect to give it the best chance of success before it starts to grow. The only difference between you and that seed is that you can change your environment to create the best possible conditions to grow. Success is…

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Giving up on “all or nothing” thinking

Posted on by Jon Mills

When it comes to healthy living, what’s better: 100% or 80%? You probably immediately went with 100%. We all want to stick to the plan 100%, we want to hit the gym 100% of the time we are meant to, and we want to see 100% of the results. In fact, we tend to see 100% as success and anything…

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Selectively Quotable Sword Press: News for January 2017

Posted on by Major Wes

When we read ‘press’, (yes, the ‘real news’ press), we must remember that any item offered by a newspaper is often restricted by column length … the journalist is only allowed so much space to present their story. And sometimes, these restrictions result in a quotation being taken out of context; misplaced in context; or – people being human –…

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Riding Position: a fine balance

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Riding Level 4: Position & Balance At Riding Level 1 we are only looking for basic control of the horse and don't mark you on your position.  At Level 2 we want to see an adequate basic seat position at walk and trot, but don't mark  your canter position, and at Level 3 we are judging your effectiveness but not…

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Mounted Combat Fundamentals

Posted on by jenniferlandels

To acquire the Green Spur, the first rank of the Mounted Combat program, in addition to Horsemanship and Riding Level 1, you will need to be assessed on the Green Spur Mounted Combat skills.  These include Swordplay from the Ground, Swordplay Knowledge, and Mounted Combat Knowledge.  The knowledge sections are covered in past sections of this blog, and can be…

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Mounted Combat Courses – Start Delayed

Posted on by jenniferlandels

Due to the un-Vancouverish weather we've been having lately, we have decided to delay the start of the next cycle of courses in the Mounted Combat Program.  The riding arena is currently in a semi-frozen state that makes it slippery on top and rock-hard underneath, leaving it unsafe for both horses and riders.  This change affects all classes in the…

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