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An Argument for Training with Diverse Weapons, Part 1

Posted on by devonboorman

Recently, I was asked why we teach rapier and longsword together in our Instructor Intensives. The questioner postulated that it was like teaching sky diving and skin diving in the same program. Sure rapiers and longswords are both swords but aren't they as distinct as these two types of "diving"? I think it's a great question. I'd like to answer…

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Choosing the Right Rapier for You

Posted on by devonboorman

I am asked routinely how to choose the right rapier for practice. This article, cribbed from my forthcoming Introduction to the Italian Rapier book, looks at the range of historical rapiers and my opinion on how to best select a modern reproduction. The Real Thing Historical rapiers varied in dimension both throughout their evolution from the early 1500s to the…

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Book Review: “The Art of Sword Combat” by Meyer

Posted on by Major Wes

New for this year is Dr Jeffry L. Forgeng's translation of the recently discovered Fechtbuch ‘The Art of Sword Combat’[1] by Joachim Meyer. This new offering is thought to pre-date Meyer’s famous work, ‘The Art of Combat’ (1570) by two years. Dr Forgeng is well qualified to handle an original, old work. He’s done research on Meyers' work in the…

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Barefoot or shoes? Today on “Ask Clint”!

Posted on by clintfernandes

Provost, what is better: practicing barefoot or in shoes? I prefer and recommend practicing in shoes (keep reading;  some students prefer barefoot which is fine). Ultimately, there are pitfalls to be aware of (and avoid) with either. The biggest consideration I make is for personal health. That is, will your decision (shoes or no shoes) allow you to fence five years…

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A Spaniard in Duello

Posted on by Eduardo de la Mata

I am “Eduardo-from-Spain”. Most of  you know who I am, but I guess some others do not. Well, I lived for two amazing years in Vancouver. I thought it would be fun, but I could not believe that a place such as Academie Duello was possible. So I’m writing here about how lucky I was (and I still feel) to…

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How Rules Influence the Art You Practice

Posted on by devonboorman

Academie Duello was founded on two tenets: Proper Arms Proper Respect The purpose of these tenets was to provide a guiding light and governing principle for the way we pursue and practise our art, as well as remind us to do so more authentically. What I mean is, our goal was to get as close to the martial art of…

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Do the Wrong Thing Right

Posted on by devonboorman

To any action in combat there are typically multiple responses that can functionally deal with that action (for example you can parry it, control it, strike into it, and so on). The choice of responding action is generally dictated by overall strategy or tactical needs. There are times when you want to strike into an oncoming attack, step away from…

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A Taste of the Renaissance – Week 4

Posted on by Angella Bedard

I can’t believe it's the last week of our Taste of the Renaissance series. The four weeks have gone by like the lightning slash of a sidesword. I have to determine which class to sign up for next. The noon time slots work best, but the biggest question is what to try next…? Today in Class 7 we explore using…

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A Taste of the Renaissance – Week 3

Posted on by Angella Bedard

Class 5 begins and we are back to the rapier.  My body is sore from yesterday’s Sun Run and I cannot focus. I am embarrassed by my inability to grasp what is being asked of me. I think I understand, but cannot execute the movements requested. Thankfully, our odd number makes it possible for me to have a patient exercise with…

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Don’t Get Hung Up on Perfect Practice

Posted on by devonboorman

There is an interesting phrase pair I have been hearing from a lot of instructors recently. I hear: “Practice makes perfect." Then an admonishment: “No. Practice makes permanent. So make sure you don’t practice poorly!" The first is a message of hope and resilience. If you practice and stay the course, you can find mastery. If things are going wrong,…

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