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Team Riding: Hand to Hand

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Before I put swords in the hands of participants on horseback during our Intro to Mounted Combat workshop, I have people high-five each other.  I tell them it's the friendly way to start hitting one another.  The comment is light-hearted, but the principle and the practice is important.  Co-operative riding is a key part of mounted combat.   Learning to control…

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Carosella 2017 Photos

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Another amazingly fun and exciting Carosella has passed us by.  Congratulations to our high-point tournament winner Robert Borsos, and all the other riders who took home prizes!  Here are a few photos from Sunday courtesy of Double Exposure Photography.  Enjoy! [caption id="attachment_20190" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Steph vs Robert in the Spur Tournament[/caption] [caption id="attachment_20192" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Cat & Tika gallop home[/caption]…

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Congratulations to Our Blue Spur Pioneers!

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The last day of Carosella is always special, as the competition is the culmination of the weekend's -- and the year's -- work in the Mounted Combat Program.  This Sunday was even more special as we had our first cohort of apprentices challenge the scholar level of our program, the Blue Spur. [caption id="attachment_20174" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Karissa and Christian battle…

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Carosella from the Ground up

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Although the primary focus of Carosella is mounted combat, there are many opportunities to increase your martial skills or equine knowledge while keeping your feet on the ground.  And because you aren't using a horse, the cost is only $75 for a full day.  Here are some of the great offerings available on Friday and Saturday, September 8th & 9th.…

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Carosella 2017: Don’t Miss All This!

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Carosella will be here in less than a fortnight!  If you haven't registered yet, don't delay — there are only 20 spaces each day for mounted activities.  (That said, if you are on the wait list for Mounted, there is plenty to keep you busy from the ground all weekend).  You can sign up here. Friday, September 8th Friday morning…

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Carosella 2017 is Open for Registration

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Carosella 2017 Registration is now open for Carosella 2017, our three day symposium of mounted combat, archery, and games!  This exciting event, now in its fifth year, consists of two days of workshops on ground and on horseback for all levels of riding, swordplay, and archery. New for 2017 Interested in learning mounted combat techniques from the ground but not…

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Summer Courses with Horses at Red Colt

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Summer is here at last!  Don't let the beautiful days slip through your fingers ... get out and on a horse this month!  In addition to our regular classes we have added jumping and cross country clinics this month.  Look for more clinics next month as well ... Summer Courses at Red Colt Jumping Clinic This clinic is intended for…

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Stadium Jumping: the half course

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Riding Level 4: Stadium Jumping At level 3 we asked you to jump a couple of cross-rails and navigate some poles on the ground.  Four level 4 you will have to ride a 13.  Stadium Course 3-4 fences.  Verticals, spreads, combinations.  2’ maximum. A regular course usually has at least eight jumps, so this is in fact only half a…

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Hands up! Jumping single-handed

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Riding Level 4: Jumping single-handed One of the skills we ask you to show in the Mounted Combat program that you won't find in most riding curricula is the ability to 12. Jump a small x-rail with single-hand reining This, of course, is a prequel to being able to jump with a weapon in hand.  Granted, most mounted combat occurs…

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For Want of a Horse …

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The High Cost of Horsing Around We are fortunate at Academie Duello.  We are one of the few HEMA schools in the world that own horses.  Between our three horses and the horses that other owners at Red Colt Co-op make available to us, we are able to run classes, workshops, clinics, and our annual three-day symposium, Carosella for participants…

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