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Shillelagh or Irish Stick Fighting

Posted on by David McCormick

St. Patrick's Day was this week, so let's celebrate the shillelagh, or blackthorn walking stick and its fighting style. As Jon Mills explained in his post, the general Irish term for stick fighting is Bataireacht. The shillelagh itself is a single piece of blackthorn or oak about three feet long. Longer sticks were called wattles and could be six or…

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This Week in Video: London Brawling

Posted on by devonboorman

We just came across this delightful video which is so fitting, since we have one of our super fun Umbrella Self-Defence workshops this Sunday October 11th, 1pm - 5pm. Come and learn what an awesome self-defence tool your brolly is! This Week on Duello.TV It's the beginning of a new month of curriculum at Academie Duello so you can…

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Beginners’ Courses July 2015

Posted on by Eduardo de la Mata

Just like the sun, we are coming back with our beginner's courses! Enjoy your summer with three different ways to approach to Western Martial Arts. Bartitsu is a complex martial art with many interlocking skills and is still very useful for learning practical self-defence today. Its introductory course, Fight Like Sherlock Holmes, runs once a week for four weeks. Fight Like Sherlock Holmes Our…

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Week-Long Traditional Italian Knife Fighting Intensive

Posted on by rolandcooper

This November, join Maestro Roberto Laura for a week-long training intensive, studying the traditional knife arts of rural Italy. Over the course of 30 hours, students will cover all the material required to achieve the rank of trainer (allenatore), which is recognized by the ASAMIR (Associazioni Sportive Arti Marziali Italiane Riunite) in Italy, as well as on international level. Roberto Laura's goal is…

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Why you should wrestle, and everyone throughout history thought so as well!

Posted on by Jon Mills

There is a fallacy that is often presented in martial arts (and physical culture as a whole) that for people on the outside looking in there is no point to practicing. Why learn to fight with a sword, choke a person out, or lift a heavy weight if those things do not translate to a real-world situation where you have…

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Paul Dennhardt on Stage Combat

Posted on by David McCormick

In the article linked below, Paul Dennhardt, a theatre professor at the College of Fine Arts of Illinois State University, explains important aspects of stage combat that should be understood by everyone in theatre by now. Sadly, most productions still don’t know where to begin with a sword fight, or what the process involves, but his production of Macbeth in March revealed…

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Fighting Like a Mom

Posted on by Claire Ryan

As I write this, my baby daughter is currently asleep in her crib, beside my bed. Behind her, leaning against the wall, is my longsword. I started swordfighting in February 2014. I wanted to learn, but I also wanted to improve my health. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for almost three years at this point,…

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McCormick’s VISS Workshops

Posted on by David McCormick

Let’s take a look at the two workshops that David McCormick, head of Bartitsu and head of stage combat at Duello, will be teaching at the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium: Power generation for punching and thrusting, and physical culture exercises. Body Mechanics of a Powerful Punch and Thrust Friday, 27 March, 2pm-3:15pm Who hasn’t been impressed by Bruce Lee’s 3-inch…

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Gentleman Scholar on Umbrellas

Posted on by David McCormick contains a column By Troy Patterson called "Gentleman Scholar" in which he offers etiquette advice for the contemporary man. One of his articles from April 2014 was brought to my attention recently: A Gentleman’s Guide to the Umbrella. His advice regarding buying an umbrella is the same advice I give: don't get a $5 flimsy device from the corner…

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How to Escape Any Hold or Lock

Posted on by David McCormick

To be grabbed or pulled can induce panic even if it isn't painful. You are trapped and it feels like a violation of your freedom. When an attacker grabs you, they have intent to follow that up with some other action. It may be to bring you with them, control your motion to make you easier to strike, or to…

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